How To Fix a Smartwatch That Won’t Turn On: (Easy Steps!)

Have you ever had the problem of your Smartwatch not turning on at times?

It can be infuriating to discover that the smartwatch on your wrist won’t switch on after you’ve paid hundreds of dollars for it

It’s a common problem with smartwatches that they cease operating and won’t turn on after extended inactivity. In this case, you may be worried and pondering how to turn on a smartwatch.

If your smartwatch won’t turn on then before throwing away your Watch, properly inspect it for any physical damage. If the Watch is discovered faulty, take it immediately to a repair shop.

Suppose that isn’t the issue! Change the socket you’re using to power your Smartwatch or try cleaning the ports on the Watch.

We’re not done yet! Please continue reading to learn some quick and easy troubleshooting procedures to get it up and running again. Learning some of the Watch’s basic functionalities will prevent you from getting problems later. 

Reasons Why Your Smartwatch Isn’t Turning On?

Reasons Why Your Smartwatch Isn't Turning On

Smartwatches have been a cutting-edge item for folks who enjoy keeping up with the latest trends. 

Smartwatches are available in a variety of price points and configurations. These devices’ battery capacity and display mode determine how long they survive.

However, there could be several reasons why your Smartwatch suddenly stops running and does not turn on.

Smartwatches, like any other gadget, can have issues. There are various reasons why your Smartwatch may not be operating, the most prevalent of which are:

  • There is no battery life.
  • Physical wear and tear on the Watch or charger
  • Charging dirty ports

If the battery in your Watch is entirely depleted, it will not power on. Before you use your Smartwatch, it is recommended that you charge it completely.

If your Smartwatch does not power on, or the charger led flashes, the issue might be with the battery, connections, charger, or watch.

How To Fix a Smartwatch That Won’t Turn On

Fix a Smartwatch That Won't Turn On

Let’s not waste your valuable time and get started. Here’s what to do if your Smartwatch doesn’t turn on:

1- Force Restart Your Smartwatch

The first step in resolving a problem with your Smartwatch that isn’t functioning or turning on is to force restart it.

Restarting your Smartwatch will clear its memory and switch off all of the jobs that may be causing this issue.

A forcible restart is not the same as a normal restart. Forcing a restart purposefully disconnects electricity from your Smartwatch’s battery to its components.

  • Hold down the Power button for 10 seconds.
  • Hold down both buttons on your Watch till you see your Smartwatch’s brand logo.
  • If the first two options don’t work, press and hold the Power button or both buttons while the phone is charging in the cradle.

The procedure is the same whether you have an Apple Watch or a Wear OS smartwatch. Typically, the crown of your Watch serves as the power button.

If nothing occurs, the Watch’s power buttons may be jammed. To free the stuck buttons, try tapping them several times or blowing air on them from all sides. Then attempt to restart your Smartwatch.

 2- Charge Your Smartwatch

Many wearables fail simply because the wearer fails to take proper care of the device. When a smartwatch is left uncharged for several days, it appears dead.

If your Smartwatch unexpectedly stops operating and is not turning on, consider charging it. Smartwatches, for example, can occasionally fail. You can solve this problem by charging it.

To begin charging your Smartwatch (Wear OS or Apple Watch), connect the charging cord to the Watch and the adapter to a power socket.

However, it is not suggested to use another charging method for the Watch in this scenario. Instead, use the wireless charger that came with the Watch when you purchased it from the store.

While charging, keep your Watch in the correct position. Charge your Smartwatch for at least an hour before attempting to turn it on.

If the Smartwatch is correctly linked to the charger, it will turn on. You will not need to press the power button this time.

It will take some time to complete the process. However, if hitting the middle button does not assist, this is a more reliable and much less time taking technique.

Tip: Check that the Watch is correctly positioned on the charging dock cradle and viewed from the right side.

Many individuals have stated that they couldn’t see the charging indicator on display, so how would they know if the Watch was charging or not?

The charger does not detect the Watch if the charging indicator is not displayed. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Reposition the Watch on the charger.
  • Check that the Watch is snugly set on the charger with no gaps.
  • Check that there is nothing between the charger and the device, such as dust, tape, etc.
  • Check that the charger is receiving electricity.
  • Check if the charge’s USB cable is compatible with other devices.
  • The charger must glow red.
  • Change the charger’s power source, i.e., switch from the laptop to the wall socket.
  • The gadget must be turned on and active when charging via PC or laptop (no sleep mode).
  • The device could be faulty.
  • If the Watch is still under warranty, try replacing it. If the device becomes too hot when charging, it will enter a thermal shutdown mode until it cools down and then recharges once it is safe again. Remove the gadget from the charger, wait for it to cool down, and recharge it.

 3- Is Your Smartwatch Charger broken?

If you’ve tried charging your Smartwatch and it’s still not turning on, your charger may be broken.

Your charger may be inoperable due to physical damage. Hold your smartwatch charger up to the light and inspect it for any damage. Look for any loose connections surrounding the wiring area as well.

4- Clean Charger and Watch Connections

So you’ve attempted plugging your charger into another power outlet, but it’s still not charging your Smartwatch.

You should thoroughly clean your charger. Dirt and dust can get into the charger and disrupt the link between your Watch and the charger.

Furthermore, dust accumulation in charging ports causes digital gadgets to fail to charge. The same thing might happen with your Smartwatch. 

This problem occurs with practically all gadgets that have ports. You’ll need to clean the port to get your Watch charging and running again.

Clean your Watch’s charger receiver and charger connector with a cotton swab or blow air on them. Then, try charging the Smartwatch once more.

You should use a dry and clean cloth to clean your charger. Before cleaning your charger, unplug it from the power socket. While cleaning your charger, avoid using any liquids or metallic materials.

You should try charging your Watch again after cleaning your smartwatch charger.

If you discover any broken areas or have reason to believe that your charger is broken. You should replace the charger for your Smartwatch. Choose an official charger for your device rather than a third-party charger.

Note: Gently clean the Watch’s port with a clean cloth or a cotton bud. If you put too much pressure while cleaning the port, you will permanently damage it. To clean it, avoid using anything metallic or wet.

Unauthorized chargers can irreversibly damage your Smartwatch. You can acquire an Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter and an Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable if you own an Apple Watch.

Look for an official charger if you own a Wear OS smartwatch. For example, you can look up ‘Charger for (Your Smartwatch Name)’ on Google.

 5- Inspect Any Physical Damage On Your Smartwatch

You won’t be able to use your Smartwatch if it’s damaged. So for that, Begin by inspecting the body of your Smartwatch for any physical damage.

If you discover any broken connections or damaged places on your watch body, this is most likely the cause of your Watch not turning on.

6- Your Power Button Is Not Working

If your Smartwatch isn’t switching on, your power button isn’t functioning. Because when the button on your Smartwatch is damaged, regardless of how much battery life it has or how hard you press the button, the Watch will not turn on.

The power button on your Smartwatch may occasionally cease working due to a loss of efficiency and durability. If you own a low-cost smartwatch, the likelihood of this problem increases.

This can occur even if you have a high-end smartwatch. One common cause of this is when you repeatedly hit the button for no apparent reason. This causes the button to malfunction and stop operating.

Additionally, if you leave your phone uncharged for 4 or 5 days, the power button on your Smartwatch will cease to function.

These issues cause problems for users. Aside from having a limited lifespan, smartwatches start to lose strength after frequent use of the power button.

You can even turn on the Watch if the power button is disabled to get the most bang for your buck.

The following alternatives may be of considerable aid in turning on a smartwatch without using the power button.

  • Because there are so many different smartwatch models on the market, you’ll find the solution in the instructions.
  • Some brands offer a specific solution to a specific problem. These problems occur regularly with smartwatches. And not turning on a smartwatch is a widespread problem.
  • Many brands have taken the problem seriously and begun implementing a handbook to solve the situation. The guide includes features that will help a user comprehend how to turn on a smartwatch without using the power button.

 7- Use Another Power Outlet

Your Smartwatch does not turn on most of the time because it is not being charged. Likely, your current power outlet isn’t functioning correctly, prohibiting the Watch from charging. So you should try Changing the power socket for your Watch.

There’s a chance that your power outlet isn’t working or damaged. You should try plugging your charger into another power outlet, and if it still doesn’t work, your charger has a problem.

 8- Charge From Laptop

Users who experienced the same problem could resolve it by charging their Smartwatch via a laptop rather than a direct power source.

There are no issues in giving it a shot. So give it a try.

9- Place Watch on Dock Cradle

If none of the mentioned alternatives work, many smartwatch owners suggest leaving the Watch on the docking cradle without charging it for an hour or two.

The Watch will automatically switch on. If it doesn’t work, try charging it and seeing if the Watch turns on now.

10- Factory Reset Watch

If everything you try fails, you should try to reset the Watch. To factory reset your Smartwatch, follow these steps:

  1. Hold down the Power button until you see the text ‘Rebooting’ on the screen. Let go of the buttons.
  2. Press the Power button repeatedly until you see the “Select Reboot mode” prompt.
  3. Using the Power button, go through the available options until you arrive at Recover.
  4. Hold down the Power button while selecting the Recovery option until your smartwatch restarts. Wait a few minutes for your Watch to finish the reboot process.

11- Go in Depth

This solution is quite potent. It just so happens that the charger isn’t charging the Smartwatch.

This is especially problematic when your power button is also not working. This problem occurs when a carbon layer is visible in the Watch’s copper plate.

As a result, the charger’s connector cannot connect to the Smartwatch’s charging pin.

As a result, the carbon layer must be removed first. To solve this problem, you must investigate thoroughly and follow our instructions.

Step 1: Collect the Materials

To begin, gather the following things to get started with the entire process.

  • Water
  • Cotton Toothpick  
  • Cotton swab
  • The Smartwatch’s charger

Cotton buds are used instead of cotton and toothpicks in this case. Avoid handling the toothpick if you have cotton buds on hand.

Furthermore, these materials are popular and some essential things. As a result, you will face no difficulties handling them.

Step 2: Dip the Cotton in the Water

After you have finished gathering the supplies, you can move on to the next step. Pour a small amount of water into the jar to complete the step. 

Then please dip a cotton bud into the water. If you don’t have a cotton bud, take a toothpick and wrap it in cotton. After that, dip the stick into the jar of water.

Step 3: Rub the Copper Plate

Pull the cotton bud out of the jar after it has been dipped. Then begin rubbing the charging pins of the copper-plated connector.

You must rub it vigorously and precisely at the same time. However, be cautious because the rubbing pressure may damage the Watch’s screen.

Try rubbing the connector for two or three minutes. Check that you are not using too much water or rubbing too hard. The procedure must be mild while also being practical and forceful.

Step 4: Make the Plate Dry

You must wipe the area once the copper plate has been thoroughly wiped with a moist cloth. To keep the area dry, follow these steps:

  1. First, gather some dry cotton.
  2. Wipe away any excess moisture on the copper plate.
  3. Wait a few moments.

The copper plate will then be entirely dry.

Step 5: Apply the Same Process with the Charger

Before putting your Smartwatch on the charger, you must apply the same process to the charger’s pins.

Dry cotton should be rubbed over the pins of the charger that connect the Watch for charging. Then, gently yet efficiently rub the area using a damp cotton bud.

Check that you are not harming the charger’s pins. Then, using a dry cloth, wipe the damp pins and completely dry them for a time.

The rubbing operation is required for the charger’s pins because they also contain a carbon coating. As a result, don’t overlook this crucial step if you want a great outcome.

Step 6: Place the Watch on the Charger

Place the Watch on charge after cleaning and drying the pins on both the Watch and the charger. Do the work correctly so that the connectors of the Watch and charger are connected. Wait for a second to see if the Watch is charging or not.

If you follow the steps correctly, your Watch will connect to the charger and switch on by this time.

Step 7: Repeat the Same Process

If the Watch does not appear to be linked to the charger, repeat the process. You’ll be able to switch on your Watch after repeating the method two or three times. Just be patient and repeat the technique as many times as you can.

12- Get your Smartwatch checked up

If you’ve tried everything I’ve just suggested and your Smartwatch still won’t switch on, Your Smartwatch has most likely been physically damaged.

The last attempt to hit the bull’s eye is to take your Smartwatch to a repair shop. You knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?

The quickest approach to finding a smartwatch repair shop near you is simply Google’ Smartwatch shop near me.’ 


How do I fix my Smartwatch not charging?

There could be various reasons why your Smartwatch isn’t charging or turning on. Low battery life, a faulty charger or Smartwatch, and dust or debris inside the ports are all common causes of your Smartwatch not turning on.

You should also try the instructions below:

  1. Place the Smartwatch on the charger correctly.
  2. Check that the charger is correctly aligned with the case rear grooves.
  3. Check that the Watch is properly positioned on the charger with no gaps.
  4. Check that nothing, such as debris, dust, or dirt, is in the way of your Smartwatch and the charger.
  5. Check that the power outlet is operational and that the charging adaptor receives electricity.
  6. Check that your charger is in good working order and is not broken.
  7. To stop the processes causing this issue, force restarts your Smartwatch.

Why won’t my Samsung watch turn on?

There could be several reasons why your Smartwatch isn’t turning on. Low battery life, a malfunctioning charger or Smartwatch, and dirt or debris obstructing the charging port are typical causes of your Samsung Smartwatch not turning on.

How do I charge my Smartwatch?

Plug the Watch into the wireless charger that came with it. On the Watch’s screen, you could see it charging.

How do I restart my Smartwatch?

Swipe down from the top of the screen to Settings, then System. Scroll down and press the restart button.

Can you overcharge a Smartwatch?

Typically, it takes 2-3 hours to charge till it is fully charged. Overcharging your Watch is bad for the battery, so don’t leave it charging overnight.

How long does a smartwatch’s battery last?

A battery has a lifespan of one to two days. Your usage primarily determines it.


Smartwatches are fantastic. However, they rarely, if ever, encounter these issues, as do all other devices. In this blog post, we’ve included simple fixes for smartwatches that won’t turn on or charge.

All strategies I’ve outlined here are simple and don’t require any geeky professional background. I hope you found this helpful guide and that you can now use your Watch!


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