9 Best Garmin Watches With Music in 2022

Garmin watches are becoming very popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. These watches are packed with dozens of advanced training features and GPS. 

But if you’re addicted to listening to music while training, you should choose a Garmin watch that offers built-in storage for music. Not every Garmin watch can give music storage; that’s why we have done deep research to find some of the best Garmin watches with music storage.

You can stream music on your Garmin via Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, and other big apps. You can pile up the list of your favorite songs and listen to them in offline mode. 

The Garmin watches listed in this guide provide music storage and advanced fitness and training features to improve your lifestyle.  

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9 Best Garmin Watches With Music

1- Garmin Venu 2 Plus

Garmin Venu 2 Plus 


OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility Both iOS and Android
Display 1.3 inches, AMOLED, Touchscreen
Internal Storage 4 GB
IP Rating 5ATM
Battery Life 9 days

Garmin Venu 2 Plus is a flagship watch offering more new features than its predecessor. Venu 2 Plus follows a similar design to previous models, and it has a Super AMOLED display that looks more crisp and vibrant. 

Venu series is well-known for its music capabilities. This new Garmin Venu 2 Plus allows you to store up to 650 songs that you can also play in offline mode.

It also allows you to control smartphone music, so you can change music from your wrist when you are in the gym or on the run. Music enthusiasts can also download songs from Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music and pile up their playlists. 

Garmin Venu 2 Plus comes with a built-in mic and speaker, helping you to make phone calls directly from your wrist. Similarly, you can respond to texts via its virtual assistant. 

When it comes to battery life, Garmin watches never disappoint you. Although Venu 2 Plus has an AMOLED display and MULTI GNSS GPS, it still gives 9 days of battery in smartwatch mode. In GPS mode with music, it can last up to 8 hours. 

For outdoor enthusiasts and fitness lovers, this sports watch offers a variety of health and training features. The built-in pulse OX sensor allows you to measure your blood oxygen level day and night. 

Sleep tracking is also improved; it doesn’t only tell you about sleep stages but informs you about your heart rate, Stress, Pulse Ox, and respiration during the night. With these metrics, it becomes too easy to improve your sleep quality. 

I like the most in Venu 2 plus are the animated workouts that help you perform your training more effectively. For high-performance achievers, this watch includes intensity minutes that tell you when you earn more minutes during the day.

Compared to other Garmin watches, Venu 2 Plus gives comprehensive insights into your performance with new visuals and graphs. So you can easily understand your performance and make your lifestyle much healthier.

  • Super crips AMOLED display
  • Allow you to receive phone calls
  • Excellent battery life
  • Accurate activity and fitness tracking
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Give a sporty look
  • Missing some services
  • Not enough third-party apps
  • The heart rate sensor still has some issues

2- Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

Garmin Forerunner 245


OS Garmin OS
Compatibility Both iOS and Android
Display 1.2in transflective MIP
Internal Storage 3.5 GB
IP Rating 50m
Battery Life 7 days

The Forerunner 245 Music is one of Garmin’s most selling watches. Because of its insane training capability, it’s very popular among athletes and outdoor lovers. The sleek and lightweight design makes this watch much more comfortable to wear throughout the day and night. 

Garmin Forerunner 245 music comes with built-in music storage that can store up to 500 songs. You can also sync music from different streaming apps like Spotify and Deezer and enjoy phone-free listening. 

This watch doesn’t have any physical speakers, so you have to connect earbuds with it to enjoy music. Plus, you can transfer music from your PC or sync music from your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

Apart from music, FR245 has tons of health and fitness features. Especially for runners, it gives comprehensive data insights. With running dynamics, you can measure cadence, stride length, ground contact time, speed, pace, distance, etc. All these metrics can help you to improve your running performance. 

This GPS watch includes some essential health features like; VO2 max, Pulse Ox sensor, Advance sleep training, Recovery time, Intensity minutes, body battery energy, and more. 

Forerunner 245 gives inferior battery backup to Venu 2 plus when it comes to battery life. This watch can last up to 7 days in smartwatch mode and give 6 hours of battery life in GPS mode. 

  • Small and lightweight
  • Enhanced music storage
  • Pulse Oximetry data
  • Advanced running features
  • It doesn’t work perfectly with other apps
  • Battery life could be improve

3- Garmin Forerunner 945

garmin watches with music storage Specifications

OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility Both iOS and Android
Display 1.2 inches, Transflective (MIP) LCD
Internal Storage 8 GB
IP Rating 50m
Battery Life 14 days

If you’re looking for a premium sports watch with more music storage, then look at Forerunner 945. This one is a top-of-the-line variant offering more premium health and training features. 

Forerunner 945 allows you to store up to 1000 songs so you can enjoy your huge playlist during workouts. You can also download songs from favorite apps like Spotify and Deezer and expand your playlist. 

So what makes this watch the best sports watch? It includes more rich and new features than the rest of the Forerunner series. Whether you are a pro runner, cyclist, or involved in any outdoor activity, Forerunner 945 tracks your performance more effectively. The accurate insights can help a lot to improve your day-to-day performance.

The Forerunner 945 battery life lasts up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode and 36 hours in GPS mode, which is better than the rest of the Garmin watches. If you’re a person with an outdoor lifestyle, this one is a recommended watch because it makes you stress-free of charging again and again.

Forerunner 945 has a strong grip over health and training features. Being a superior Garmin watch, Forerunner 945 gives accurate real-time data of your heart rate, pace, distance covered, and more.

This watch includes the Climbpro feature for hikers, which shows upcoming clubs for the course, measuring distance, ascent, and average gradient.

It also includes numerous outdoor features and sports profiles, making it easy to track any activity individually. Other Features Includes:

  • Advanced sleep tracking
  • Pulse OX sensor
  • Body battery energy
  • VO2 max 
  • Training effect
  • Recovery time
  • Training load
  • Intensity minutes and more
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • More advanced training features
  • Accurate activity tracking
  • More music storage
  • Expensive
  • Plan design


4- Garmin Venu SQ Music

 gps watches with musicSpecifications

OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility Both Android and iOS
Display 1.3 inches ​​Liquid crystal, optional always-on mode
Internal Storage 3.4 GB
IP Rating 5 ATM
Battery Life 6 Days

If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable option, then the Garmin Venu Sq Music edition can attract you. It has a 1.3″ square shape dial that gives a more sporty feel. Overall, it offers all the useful features to track your daily performance. But this budget-friendly Garmin watch lacks an AMOLED display and Garmin pay option.

Venu Sq comes with 3.5 GB of music storage to store 500 songs. Like the other three Garmin watches on Venu Sq don’t require a smartphone to listen to songs. You need any physical Bluetooth gadget to listen to music. 

Like other mid-range Garmin watches, Venu SQ also has a 5 ATM water rating that allows you to track swimming activities. It includes hydration tracking that keeps track of your daily water intake and alters to keep you hydrated.

 Under the hood, you will get stress tracking to find the best time to relax your body. To check your overall wellness, it includes a Pulse Ox sensor. Further, it offers sleep tracking, women’s health tracking, body battery energy, respiration tracking, etc.

Venu Sq has more than 20 preloaded sports modes when it comes to sports tracking. It tracks your every sports activity in detail and gives comprehensive data. Venu sq includes insane golfing features that help you know everything about your performance. 

When it comes to battery life, Venu Sq doesn’t have a strong grip over battery life. The watch lasts only 5-6 days in smartwatch mode and 14 hours in GPS mode. But still, it’s better than other Apple, and Samsung watches. 

  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Compatible with 3rd party apps and sensors
  • 5 ATM water-resistant

  • Accurate activity tracking

  • Affordable price
  • Lack Garmin pay
  • No Altimeter, Gyroscope
  • No AMOLED display
  • No mic and speaker

5- Garmin Vivoactive 4

garmin watches that can play music Specifications

OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility Both iOS and Android
Display 1.3″ inch Transflective screen
Internal Storage 3.5 GB
IP Rating 5 ATM
Battery Life Up to 8 days

Vivoactive series offers the most durable and robust watches that can survive in a tough environment. Vivoactive 4 is a current flagship watch of the Vivoactive family, giving an advanced training feature, accurate GPS tracking, and music storage. 

This smartwatch comes with 3.5GB of storage to store up to 500 songs. You can also transfer songs from your smartphone or download them from Spotify. Vivoactive 4 doesn’t have a physical speaker, so you must connect any Bluetooth headphones for phone-free listing. 

Following the predecessor design, Vivoactive 4 comes with a stainless steel bezel that makes it more durable. And Gorilla Glass 3 protects against scratches and dust. Like the previous Garmin watch, it has a 5 ATM water rating, so you can use it while swimming or taking a bath.

Vivoactive 4 has a strong grip overtraining, and outdoor features. It offers more advanced running, golfing, cycling, and hiking features as a sports watch. Further, it has over 20 preloaded workouts and on-screen animated workouts that you can follow. 

You can also make your custom workout profile and start tracking your performance on the Garmin Connect app.

Apart from music and training features, it offers a lot of useful health features, including;

  • Pulse OX Sensor
  • Stress tracking
  • Body battery energy
  • Hydration tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Respiration tracking
  • Real-time heart rate tracking with alerts

Lastly, it gives 8 days of battery backup in smartwatch mode and 18 hours of battery life in GPS mode. So you can keep track of your fitness journey for a long time.

  • Accurate Pulse oximeter readings
  • Underwater optical heart rate monitoring
  • Pilates support
  • On-screen workout animations
  • Excessive badges
  • Use multiple smartphone apps

6- Garmin Fenix 7


OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility Both iOS and Android
Display 1.3 inches, (260 x 260 pixels)
Internal Storage 16 GB
IP Rating 100m
Battery Life 18 days in smartwatch mode and up to 57 hours in GPS mode

Fenix 7 is another latest addition to the Fenix series offering wide storage for music. Garmin Fenix 7 follows a similar design to its predecessor, having a similar weight. But Fenix 7 comes with much-improved GPS tracking, extended battery life, and more storage for music. 

This multi-sports watch can store 2000 songs that you can listen to offline by connecting it with your smartphone. You can build the heaviest playlist into your Fenix 7 by syncing your watch with Spotify and Deezer.

Fenix 7 looks like a very durable watch with Corning Gorilla Glass lens and stainless steel bezel when it comes to physical design. With a 10 ATM water-resistant design, this watch can survive in pools and rivers. Even Fenix 7 can track your heart rate underwater, giving you complete detail of your water activities.

Fenix 7 includes improved training features that attract every athlete and outdoor enthusiast. The new feature includes MTB dynamics that monitor your cycling and mountain biking. It also includes Surf ready features, golf features, and other sports activities for pro athletes. 

Similarly, this time Garmin has also included new Real-time stamina tracking that helps you manage your exertion.  

Fenix 7 has much-improved GPS tracking paired with GLONASS and Galileo to track more challenging environments. It has full-color golf course maps, SKYVIEW maps, TOPO maps, and other such maps.

Apart from training features, Fenix 7 is also packed with sensors to monitor your daily health. It can monitor Stress, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep, respiration rate, body battery energy, hydration, etc.

Unlike previous models, Fenix 7 has a strong grip over battery life. It gives 18 days of battery backup in smartwatch mode, 40 hours in expedition GPS, and 57 days battery-saving mode.

  • Durable watch
  • 10 ATM water-resistant
  • More advanced training features
  • Accurate activity tracking
  • Flashlight
  • Excellent battery life
  • Offline mapping
  • Touch controls work well
  • The flashlight is only included in the Fenix 7X model
  • Bulky on wrist
  • Low-contrast display
  • No mic for calling
  • Expensive

7- Forerunner 645 Music

Forerunner 645 Music Specifications

OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility Both iOS and Android
Display 1.2 inches | 240 x 240px
Internal Storage 3.5 GB
IP Rating 5 ATM
Battery Life Up to 7 days

Here comes another Forerunner watch that looks like Vivoactive 3. Forerunner 645 seems to be a durable watch with stainless steel variant. Although its design is pretty different from other Forerunner watches, the features are quite similar. 

Just like Garmin Forerunner 245, it can store up to 500 songs that you can listen to in offline mode. So you can listen to your favorite songs while running. 

With advanced running features and performance tools, this watch helps you to improve your daily running performance. The VO2 max in this watch monitors cardiorespiratory fitness and aerobic performance. It can help you evaluate progress and check the effectiveness of your performance. 

Forerunner 645 comes with accurate GPS paired with GLONASS to track any challenging environments. Similarly, the ABC sensors help you measure your hikes’ altitudes and check directions and weather conditions. 

For fitness enthusiasts, Forerunner 645 also includes cardio and strength workouts, helping them remain in perfect shape. Plus, dozens of sports profiles enable you to measure your outdoor sports and other training activities effectively. 

The battery backup of Forerunner 645 is average. It lasts for 7 days in smartwatch mode and 14 hours in GPS mode. Forerunner 645 is the best Garmin watch with music capabilities and gives comprehensive data on your daily fitness activities.

  • Comfortable and readable
  • 5 physical buttons make it easy to use the watch
  • Advanced running metrics
  • Garmin pay
  • Battery life could be improve
  • Unable to track for open water swimming


8- Garmin Darth Vader

Garmin Darth Vader Specifications

OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility Both iOS and Android
Display 1.3 in, LCD, 260 x 260 pixels
Internal Storage 3.6 GB
IP Rating 5 ATM
Battery Life Up to 8 days

Suppose you are a Star Wars fan and love the Darth Vader character, then this Garmin watch is made for you. This legacy Saga series watch not only comes with onboard music storage but offers customized character-themed details and watch faces. 

The watch has a pretty unique design giving a unique feel. The bezels are stainless steel, and Gorilla Glass 3 protects the watch from scratches and dust. Unlike other Garmin watches, this one comes with an armor weave leather band with red stitching and a textured gray interior. 

Garmin Darth Vader has built-in music storage that can store up to 500 songs, and You can also sync it with famous music streaming apps like Spotify and Deezer.

The best thing I have seen in this Garmin watch is exclusive Darth badges that you can earn on completing fitness activities.

This watch is loaded with tons of fitness and health tracking features that help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

The health features include;

  • Pulse Ox sensor
  • Body battery energy
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Respiration rate
  • Advanced sleep tracking
  • Stress tracking
  • Animated workouts and more

It includes 20+ preloaded GPS activity profiles for outdoor lovers, including walking, running, golf, swimming, and more. 

Garmin Darth Vader has smart notifications to receive email, text, and call alerts on your wrist. But you can’t answer calls and reply to texts directly from your watch.

Lastly, it offers eight days of battery life in smartwatch mode, which is enough for long outdoor adventures and tracking your fitness on the go.

  • Comfortable
  • Advanced activity tracking
  • Amazing character themes
  • A good amount of sensors and meters
  • Expensive than expected price
  • Dull screen colors

9- Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

running watches with GPS Specifications

OS Proprietary OS
Compatibility Both iOS and Android
Display 1.3 in, LCD, 260 x 260 pixels
Internal Storage 32 GB
IP Rating 10 ATM
Battery Life Up to 14 days

Fenix 6 Pro is a best-selling Garmin watch with high-end training features and powerful GPS capabilities. This is the best Garmin Watch with music as it can store up to 2000+ songs that you can listen to offline. You can transfer songs via your smartphone on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or your PC.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is made for extreme conditions and the environment. That’s why it has durable nature. The Gorilla Glass DX is one of the toughest glasses to protect your watch from wear and tear. The 10 ATM water-resistant design allows users to measure water activities without hesitation. 

Fenix 6 has a powerful battery that lasts for 14 days in smartwatch mode and 36 hours on GPS. The advanced battery saver mode gives 48 hours of lasting time. 

Being the best outdoor watch, Fenix 6 Pro is packed with many sports tracking features. You will see advanced hiking and skiing features, surf-ready features, MTB dynamics, golf features, and other built-in sports apps. With these advanced features, you can keep an eye on your outdoor sports performance and improve them easily. 

Apart from outdoor features, Fenix 6 Pro has animated workouts, including strength training, pilates workouts, yoga, and more. So you can perform your workouts more effectively. 

Further, it includes all the essential health tracking features to understand your wellness like heart rate tracking, stress monitoring, VO2 max, body battery energy, etc.

  • Accurate and extremely detailed activity tracking
  • Excellent outdoor activity tracking capabilities
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Unbreakable design
  • Comfortable and easy to wear all the day
  • Smartwatch functionality is still limited
  • Expensive


What is the best Garmin watch for music?

Garmin has introduced numerous watches over the last several years, but only a few offer onboard music storage. The Garmin Fenix 7 and Fenix 6 Pro are the best Garmin watches for music. These watches can store up to 2000 songs that you can listen to offline during your outdoor activities.

Which Garmin Watch Can Play Spotify?

The Garmin watches mentioned above are Garmin Forerunner 245, Forerunner 945, Venu SQ, Vivoactive 4, Fenix 7, Forerunner 645 Music, and Garmin Darth Cader, and Fenix 6 Pro can play music from Spotify.

What are the best running watches with music?

There is a variety of running watches available that offer music streaming features. But only a few are best-selling watches, including Garmin Fenix 7, Garmin Vivoactive 4, Apple Watch Series 7, Garmin Venu Sq, Polar Vantage V2, Coros Vertix 2, and Forerunner 745.

Which music watch has better GPS tracking?

For outdoor enthusiasts, an accurate GPS is one of the crucial things that helps them find better routes and fast navigation. The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro offers insane GPS tracking paired with GLONASS to provide navigation in more challenging environments. It also includes offline color maps and turn-by-turn navigation to reach your destination quickly.

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