Big Female Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches in 2022

Are you looking for female celebrities wearing Rolex watches? We will have a detailed discussion on it in this article.

According to many people, Rolex watches are known for their groundbreaking technical feats, such as battling and defying nature’s extreme elements and always pushing watch engineering to its limits.

Rolex has accomplished many feats, including being the first to scale the world’s highest mountain peak, Mount Everest, in 1953 and diving to the world’s deepest ocean depths, the Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench, in 1960.

Despite being technologically advanced, Rolex watches are also beautifully crafted and aesthetically exquisite. The increasing number of women falling in love with the larger Rolex watches demonstrates that this elegance transcends genders.

Female Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches

A Rolex has a certain allure. That’s something we say all the time at Everest. Although it is not as technologically advanced as some other brands, the quality, build, and overall feel are unrivaled.

While the brand’s name on the dial is undoubtedly one of the main reasons celebrities are drawn to the brand, we’d like to believe they, like us, enjoy wearing a Rolex.

And where can you find one of these global status symbols regularly? Of course, on the wrists of your favorite celebrities! We’ll look at a few female celebrities who enjoy wearing Rolex watches.

1- Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to Rolex watches. She favors big, bold styles like the all-gold Day-Date that she is frequently seen wearing. It takes a lot of confidence to wear all gold jewelry, and the Hollywood star does it so well.

It’s also refreshing to see a female celebrity wearing anything too delicate or petite. She frequently wears Rolex watches in the mid to large size range, including a custom blacked-out Milgauss that we are lusting after.

2- Sophia Vergara

Sophia Vergara

When Sophia Vergara joined the cast of ABC’s hit comedy Modern Family over ten years ago, she took the country by storm. Even though she provided comic relief a la Lucille Ball, she was/is always stylish both on and off-screen.

While her character frequently wears large Michael Kors-style pieces, Sophia’s go-to brand in real life is Rolex. Sophia Vergara, like Jennifer Aniston, isn’t afraid to wear big, bold pieces. She has been seen wearing both diamond-encrusted Daytonas and Datejusts, but it appears that she prefers Daytona the most.

3- Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres may be the most Rolex-obsessed woman alive. Ellen, a comedian and talk show host has been wearing Rolex for years and wears some cool pieces daily for her show. Ellen isn’t just seen wearing newer Rolex; she’s also seen wearing a vintage, highly coveted piece that makes all of us watch aficionados envious.

Ellen has even made friends with the staff at Amsterdam Vintage Watches, an Amsterdam-based advertising agency. A friendship began on one of her trips when she walked out with two “Big Red” Daytonas and a Pepsi GMT from the 1950s.

She’s even flown salesmen to her Beverly Hills home to make a watch purchase. It’s safe to say Ellen is a watch aficionado, particularly Rolex, and it’s great to see more women wearing vintage tool watches.

4- Victoria Beckham

victoria Beckham wearing rolex watch

Victoria Beckham rose to fame as a member of the Spice Girls, but she is now equally well-known as a designer and fashion icon worldwide. As a result, many people are curious about what she wears, with a luxury Rolex watch on her wrist being one of the most common sights.

Beckham has a sizable collection of high-end timepieces, including rose and yellow gold Rolex Daytona models. The yellow gold version is more striking at first glance, whereas the rose gold version is subtler and feminine. The case diameter of both watches is 40mm.

5- Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, an actress and reality TV star, appears to have one of the most diverse Rolex watches collections of any female celebrity, indicating that she is an avid collector. She’s been seen wearing at least four different models, all of which are men’s watches, indicating a preference for the oversized look.

6- Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a fashion icon and an Academy Award-winning actress and film producer. When it comes to luxury watches, Rolex is her go-to brand, and she’s been spotted wearing a variety of models, one of which is a surprisingly daring choice, even by movie star standards.

Theron wore a Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea with a black dial and a black bezel to a Los Angeles Lakers game. This is significant because the watch’s case measures 44mm, far too large for most women. Despite this, she made it work for her by wearing a casual shirt and jeans.

A full stainless steel Rolex Datejust, measuring 36mm in diameter, and a full yellow gold Rolex Day-Date President are her collection’s other models. Thanks to this collection, she has a large diver’s watch to make a statement, a smaller, more understated dress watch, and a more luxurious gold watch for those special occasions.

7- Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is one of the most well-known models globally, and she was one of the first high-profile female celebrities to wear oversized men’s models regularly. Indeed, while many women still stick to a 36mm watch, the Australian model prefers to sport a much larger Rolex.

Both a Rolex Daytona and a Rolex Sky-Dweller are in her collection, with the Daytona measuring 40mm in diameter and the Sky-Dweller exceeding that with a 42mm case size. This means that regardless of what else she is wearing, both of these models make a bold statement and stand out.

Elle Macpherson also appears to have a distinct style for her Rolex watches. Her Daytona and Sky-Dweller watches are full yellow gold and have champagne dials. This gives them a consistent appearance and ensures they exude a distinct sense of luxury and style.

Female Celebrities In Rolex Watches for Men

Women wearing men’s watches has been a trend for more than a decade, and it appears to be here to stay. The distinction between a man’s and a woman’s watch has blurred, opening up a whole new world of watches for women to discover.

When it comes to this trend, Rolex reigns supreme, with women wearing everything from 36mm Rolex Day-Dates to 44mm Rolex Seadwellers.

Wearing a large, robust timepiece on a woman’s wrist is both a statement and a power move, especially for women who enjoy wearing watches. If you’re one of them, take inspiration from these Hollywood A-listers who adore Rolex watches for men.

1- Drew Barrymore wears Rolex Submariner

Drew Barrymore

In 1953, the Rolex Submariner set the bar for dive watches. It now appeals to a broader range of collectors — CEOs, athletes, A-list celebrities, and just about every watch collector owns a Submariner.

Drew Barrymore is wearing the Rolex Submariner ref 116610, the current model. The scratch- and fade-resistant Cerachrom ceramic bezel, the beefier Super Case, and the Maxi Dial with larger and more legible markers are all modern upgrades that collectors seek. The 40mm watch has an edgy and sporty appearance.

2- Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

The Rolex President Day-Date was named after the presidents and leaders who wore it, but women have also caught the Day-Date fever. Jennifer Lopez, for example, wears the anniversary edition in 40mm white gold.

This model (ref 228239) was released in 2016 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Day-Date. Like most of Rolex’s milestone watches, it has a green dial, but this time in a unique bright olive-green hue. The fluted bezel and faceted markers give the watch a modern look.

3- Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah

Rolex sport watches aren’t just functional and durable; they can also be stylish. Take, for example, Queen Latifah’s Rolex Submariner with a Rolesor blue dial.

The ref 16613 features handsomely elegant steel and an 18k yellow gold case, and an aluminum dial and bezel. These finishing touches elevate the otherwise functional tool watch, making it suitable for diving and casual days and nights out.

4- Courtney Cox Wears Rolex President Day-Date

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox has been a style icon since her Friends days, and she was one of the first to popularise the wearing of men’s watches alongside Jennifer Aniston. Her decision? Of course, the Rolex President Day-Date is the Rolex of Rolexes.

The Rolex Day-Date, as the brand’s flagship watch, is only available in precious metals, such as 18k yellow, white, and Everose gold, as well as platinum. Courtney prefers a Rolex Day-Date in Rolex’s patented rose gold, which she warms up with a chocolate brown dial.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Rolex make watches for women?

The shape of all Rolex ladies’ watches is the same as that of their male counterparts. They are, however, sometimes scaled down to fit a smaller wrist. Rolex women’s watches come in various styles, including Oystersteel, Oystersteel and gold, and Everose gold.

Do Rolex watches for women have any value?

When it comes to high-end items, women’s Rolex watches can hold their value just as well as men’s models. Furthermore, the price difference between newer male and female models is insignificant. It’s worth noting that men’s models are typically more valuable due to their rarity.

How can I tell if my Rolex is real?

A serial number is stamped between the watch lugs at the 6 o’clock position on Rolex watches. To find this, you’ll need to take off your bracelet.
A serial number will be deeply engraved on an authentic watch. You should be able to see a slight glow around the edges if you hold it up to the light.

What should a woman’s Rolex look like?

The “recommended” way to wear your Rolex watch is to have it loose enough to move it around on your wrist but tight enough to prevent it from spinning or ending up on edge.


There has been a lot of interest in the Rolex watches worn by female celebrities in recent years, and the main trend has been for women to wear models that were traditionally considered to be men’s sizes.

Although some people still prefer smaller models, such as the Lady Datejust, this trend is likely to continue.

We’ve also noticed a major trend: women prefer to wear the Daytona more than anything else. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments section below! Remember to keep your vintage watches safe and secure, and our Everest Leather Watch Rolls are the ideal addition to your collection!

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