Does Smartwatch Needs a Sim Card? (Explained!!!)

It’s too frustrating to get your mobile out of pocket to attend calls and see notifications.

If you have smart wear that supports a sim card, it’s really easy for you to see notifications and attend calls directly from your wrist.

But you might think does my smartwatch supports a SIM Card? In this article, you will be aware of this point.

Does Smartwatch Need A SIM Card?

Smartwatch with SIM card

It is not compulsory to have a SIM card for your Smartwatch. Your Smartwatch will normally work without any problem if you have don’t inserted a sim in it.

But if you want to use the additional features of your Smartwatch like internet connection, making calls, and sending SMS, you require a SIM card.

Advantages Of Having A SIM Card In Smartwatch

  • It will allow you to stay connected even without a smartphone.
  • By using a SIM card in your watch, you can make calls from your wrist.
  • You can Send SMS and WhatsApp messages from your Smartwatch.
  • It allows you to use the same cellular number on Smartwatch and smartphone.
  • Having a SIM card in a smartwatch, you can use those apps that need an internet connection.
  • You can Stream Music and Podcasts.

Disadvantages Of Having A SIM Card In Smartwatch

  • It will become Costly.
  • Having a SIM card, you need to pay monthly charges for cellular connectivity.
  • A SIM card will drain the battery faster.

Watches That Have Cellular Connectivity

Some smartwatches do take SIM cards because they have a cellular connectivity feature. In addition, most of these watches are inexpensive and cheap. So with a SIM card, you can make phone calls, send text and browse the internet, or use apps that require an internet connection.

You can use all these features without pairing to a phone with Bluetooth for cellular pass-through. SIM cards will be beneficial for you when your phone is not near to you.

Watches like Samsung Gear S and others have cellular connectivity.

Watches That Don’t Have Cellular Connectivity

Some smartwatches don’t need a SIM card because they don’t have cellular connectivity. You can use additional features of your watch like internet connection, making calls, and sending SMS when your phone is near to you.

Because these watches use Bluetooth to perform additional features from a paired phone that is nearby and use its cellular connection rather than one built into the Smartwatch itself.

Apple watches are watches that don’t have cellular connectivity.

From Where You Can Get A SIM Card For Your Smartwatch?

You can get a SIM card for your Smartwatch from Amazon. Amazon has got a lot of sim cards for your Smartwatch.


Some countries may not support this cellular feature on a smartwatch, so it’s important to tell technical support teams about your country.

Before buying, you must contact your sim provider and local cellular network and find out if their network supports smartwatches with sim cards.

Smartwatch Sim Card Activation

Once you have purchased a SIM card for your Smartwatch, so you have to activate it. Without activating your SIM card, you can’t use additional features of the internet, calling and texting, etc.

How To Register Your SIM Card?

This is a crucial step in getting your Smartwatch connected to the cellular network. Your local sim provider does the registration of your SIM cards.

Sometimes you can register your SIM card from the associated app or website of your sim provider. You have to enter the code given on the SIM card into the related app or website of your sim provider.

does smartwatch needs a sim card

How Can You Unlock Your SIM Card?

If you buy a SIM card from your local store, then most probably, the network is unlocked. But in the case when you have bought it from overseas, then the network is locked.

does smartwatch needs a sim card

So, in this case, firstly, you have to seek assistance from your local sim provider if they can unlock the sim for you. If not, then contact your supplier and the manufacture to help you out.

What is a SIM card?

A SIM card stands for Subscriber Identity Module. This smart card has a unique ID number and stores your data. A smartwatch uses a Nano SIM card which is smaller and thinner than the earlier ones.

Difference between a standalone watch and a smartphone

The standalone smartwatches are those smartwatches that do not require any phone or external device to operate with. Instead, they can perform the functions on their own like smartphones.

But the question is that can a standalone smartwatch can replace your smartphone. So for this answer, we have to look different between a standalone watch and a smartphone.

Battery life: Although may standalone smartwatches can have a decent battery life, they may need to be charged more often or every night. Also, you may not be able to make phone calls or text all the time in place of your smartphone.

Price: Depending on the functionality and features, the cost of a standalone watch may be higher than a smartphone.

Screen size: The smartphone is leading in this feature because it will be easier for you to type text and make calls on the bigger screen of your smartphone than on a smartwatch.

Network connection: The carrier signals on your smartwatch may not be as strong as on your smartphone.

Storage: A smartphone has much more storage than a smartwatch. Also, you need to have an SD card for your smartwatch.

Camera: You can take pictures and make videos from the camera of your smartphone. On the other hand, a smartwatch does not have such a camera which is a major drawback.

Convenience: Suppose we talk about convenience, so a standalone smartwatch will be more convenient for you than your smartphone because you don’t have to use your phone again and again. You can make calls and send SMS from your wrist.

Is a Standalone smartwatch Is better than a phone?

If you have this question about which device is best, the answer depends upon your preference and needs if you want to check your messages and notification while your workout, a smartwatch answers your question.

But if you also need a good camera, a bigger display screen and need a good amount of storage, so a smartphone is an answer to your question.

3 Best Smartwatches With Sim Card Slot

Here is the list of the 3 best standalone smartwatches that you can buy.

Apple Watch Series 5

smartwatch with sim card

Our top pick is Apple Watch Series 5. It comes up with the 44mm. In addition, this Apple Watch has GPS and 4G connectivity.

These Apple watches are cellular-enabled. Cellular-enabled Watches allow you to make calls, send texts, receive data, e.g., social media and weather updates, access maps, and use Apple Music, all without your phone. Tough you must own an iPhone which shares a plan with the smartwatch.

This smartwatch is rated as the best LTE smartwatch around for many reasons. Some of which are listed below.


  • 4G and LTE cellular-enabled
  • Heart rate monitor and ECG
  • Waterproof to 50m
  • 16m color 448 x 368 pixels OLED screen
  • ‘Always On’ display


  • 4G LTE-enabled
  • Amazing build design and quality
  • Amazing Apple user interface
  • Expensive
  • Need an iPhone to share a cellular plane
  • Battery
Buy on Amazon

Samsung Gear S3

Like other cellular-enabled watches, this watch also allows you to make calls, send texts and SMS, and access maps, travel info, weather, and social media without your phone.

This watch has a sport-style watch with a circular dial. You can pair this watch with S-Health apps, which allows you to track exercise, heart rates, HRV, etc.

This watch is also included in the best standalone smartwatches due to some amazing features.


  • 3G/4G cellular-enabled
  • Bezel navigation feature
  • Extensive sports tracking
  • Always-on screen
  • Modern styling
  • AMOLED screen
  • 3G/4G
  • Built-in GPS
  • Lack of compatibility with iOS
  • Heavy Body

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Ticwatch Pro

With the feature of Cellular Connectivity, Ticwatch Pro also comes in the list of best standalone smartwatches. This watch has an upgraded Premium Design with a stylish knurled stainless-steel bezel.

You can make instant calls and texts, cloud sync notifications, music streaming, remote smart home controls, emergency SOS auto-dial. Also, you can activate the 4G/LTE feature via the My Verizon app and Verizon website.

Some amazing features have brought this watch at number 3.


  • 1.39 inch OLED screen – 400 x 400 pixels
  • 4G and LTE connectivity
  • Runs Google Wear OS for flexibility and choice
  • Up to 30 days battery life
  • Quality metal design
  • Waterproof to 1.5m for 30 minutes
  • Dual Display technology.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Excellent battery.
  • The screen is impossible to read in the sunlight.
  • Thicker built than some watches.

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Keeping all the points mentioned above, we would again suggest you check your preferences and needs before buying.

But Keep in mind that standalone smartwatches will keep improving functionality, capabilities, and user experience. So it’s up to your preferences and needs, what would you buy.

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