Do Garmin Smartwatches have ECG? (Explained!)

The ECG app on a smartwatch is very convenient and gives you an accurate score about your heartbeat and rhythm using an electrical heart sensor. 

This feature first rolled out in Apple watches, but later on, Samsung also introduced this feature. The ECG app is also available in the Fitbit flagship smartwatch.

When it comes to Garmin watches, most people question whether the Garmin Smartwatch has ECG? There is no ECG app in Garmin devices; this feature will be rolling out in flagship Garmin watches. 

Garmin watches offer many other health-tracking features that are very accurate compared to other competing smartwatches. So you can consider Garmin watches as the best for health tracking purposes.

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Do Garmin Watches Have ECG?

This year Garmin has launched its flagship device, including; Garmin Venu 2, Garmin Vivoactive 5, Forerunner 945 LTE, but none of the smartwatches has an ECG sensor. Even if you buy a $1K Garmin Tactix Delta, it still lacks ECG features. 

Buy Garmin replace the ECG feature with its VO2 Max, which is nearly equal to ECG. Vo2 Max tracks the maximum amount of oxygen you inhale per minute and observes your anaerobic fitness. 

Why Do Garmin Watches Don’t Have ECG?

If you see more deeply, you will recognize that Garmin watches are specifically built for athletes and outdoor works. ECG is not a useful feature except for those at risk of serious heart problems, and it’s not useful for athletes. 

ECG watches have sensors on the front, and you have to put your finger on them to take ECG readings; it doesn’t track live ECG. Every Time you have to visit the ECG app and there record your ECG readings. 

In Garmin watches VO2 Max, SpO2 features are essential that every athlete demands, so I think it’s ok that Garmin watches lack ECG sensors.

According to stats and figures, the majority of the Apple and Samsung smartwatch users are elderly, so it’s crucial to have an ECG in these watches. While adults mostly use Garmin watches, and they don’t have serious heart issues.

But Garmin is currently validating the ECG algorithms that can detect atrial fibrillation from the data obtained through a single-lead ECG sensor. And if Garmin succeeds in developing ECG sensors, then its Garmin watches will have more accurate ECG tracking devices along with the globe.

Should You Expect Garmin Watches With ECG?

Heart problems are spreading day by day, and now people prefer to buy ECG watches. That’s why Garmin should add ECG to its smartwatches. 

But now one knows when Garmin will add an ECG sensor to its devices. And it’s difficult to predict because Garmin faces a few barriers like clinical validation by FDA. But we hope that the next Garmin models, including Fenix 7 and Vivoactive 5, come with FDA-approved ECG apps.

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