Can You Put A Treadmill Upstairs? Yes Or No!

If you own a treadmill, you might confuse about whether you should put a treadmill upstairs or not? In this article, I will help you to answer this question.

You can put the treadmill on the upstairs or second floor. It is safe to install the treadmill upstairs of any modern home or apartment built to the current building requirements. 

The treadmill has an average weight of about 250lbs to 300lbs. Normally 200lbs or 250lbs weight of the treadmill is used residentially. This weight is ideal for the treadmill put on the second floor. 

Can I Put The Treadmill Upstairs

Can I Put The Treadmill Upstairs

Most people place the treadmill upstairs with the recommended weight of the treadmill. 

Treadmills in the room cover much capacity. Assume the area before purchasing the treadmill. This is very challenging to place the treadmill in the home. If there is no dedicated gym at home. The treadmill usually ends up in a multipurpose living space.

Usually, when home building up, people make the home gym where they can work out easily. They perform their daily exercise in a good and clean environment.

It is the most common to place the treadmill upstairs. This leads the treadmill owners to think it is safe to put it on the second floor. 

When deciding to put the treadmill on the second floor or higher, there is a thing to consider. 

Is It Safe To Put A treadmill Upstairs

The answer to this question is going to depend on many different factors. But most parts are structurally sound. The floor should easily be able to take the weight of both a treadmill and a person on top of it. 

The heaviest residential treadmill weighs about 350 lbs, though some like the Pelton Tread weigh up to 450 lbs. 

Afterwards, if we put a person’s weight around 300lbs and the treadmill generally weighs 350 lbs. So the combined weight is about 650 lbs of both. 

While that may sound like a lot, buildings that are up to code should be able to take the weight without any issue. 

How Much Weight Can Floor Take

It all depends on the construction of the building you live in. But the properly built floor should bear a weighted average of 50 lbs per square foot. So in the room, that is 100 lbs square feet. 

So that is 5000 lbs of weight on your floor. You should not worry about accidental damage or crashing into your neighbour’s dinner party downstairs. 

After, you are satisfied with the weight the floor can take. You can put the treadmill upstairs without any worry. 

Whether you want to install a complete gym or just a treadmill, you will not have any issues with the floor supporting the weight you place on it. 

How Much Do Treadmills Weigh

The average weight of the treadmill is between 200 lbs to 300 lbs. The bulk of the weight is made up of the motor and frame of the treadmill. Some higher models weights about 450 lbs. In opposite, we also have 200 lbs weigh model treadmill. This does not take into account the weight of the user. 

When you add a person’s weight on a treadmill, the weight will be about 400 lbs to 500 lbs. You also have to take into consideration the force generated the force by that person running. 

As mentioned above, we say the weight itself will not usually be an issue about the floor’s structural integrity. But that weight, especially the running part, can cause other problems. 

Treadmills Cause Vibration And Noise

Another important issue in placing the treadmill on the second floor is the noise and vibration. It will transmit to the floors underneath. Setting up the treadmill will considerably impact what the people below you hear. 

When you buy the treadmill and if you live on the second-floor apartment or upstairs. You should remember that people below you will not be disturbed by the noise while using a treadmill or running. 

If they do not feel disturbed by that so you can put it upstairs. Whether you brought an expensive treadmill, even its work is excellent. Also, other than gyming or workout, the people below make the noise whatever you did upstairs or on the second floor. 

A best practice is to develop a mutual agreement regarding when you use the treadmill to minimize disturbance. You can still do some things to minimize the noise and vibration below you. 

You should put the treadmill mat under it, which may not make much noise and vibration while using the treadmill for exercise. 

It will also prevent the dust and dirt on the treadmill. The motor and belt will be safe from damage and used for a long time. 

Some Possible Solutions To Upstairs Treadmill Problems

Solution # 1

Setting up the treadmill upstairs of your house. It is a good idea to test the sound carried in the building. 

You can do this by standing on your tip-top upstairs. Dropping your heels to the floor. Have a second person on the floor below to listen. 

They hear the sound of that heel hitting the floor. The noise of the treadmill will most likely be very loud. 

Solution # 2

A carpeted floor can help to mitigate the noise, and it’s also anti-vibration. You can also use the treadmill mats, which may also lessen the noise and vibration of the treadmill. 

It may also protect the floor from damage. Place the treadmill in the corner of the room or living room, which can help reduce vibrations as the walls absorb the vibration and some noise.


Do Treadmill Damage The Floor

Treadmills are generally heavy. The machine’s weight can make an indentation in your carpet or wood floor. And also can tear the vinyl floor. 

Add the weight and impact the running on the treadmill during a workout. So your floor becomes even more accessible to the damaging effects of pounding. 

Do We Face Problems To Taking In An Apartment

A load of heavy machines is not only an issue. You must think that you put the treadmill at home or in an apartment. 

The biggest problem is often the noise. A treadmill motor and belt make noise when it’s working, and the noise will automatically be heard. 

The high-quality treadmill will be a little quieter than the low-quality ones. That is not very noisy, so the neighbours or below you will complain about it because it’s not very loud.

The pleasant thumping when running creates the most noise and vibrations the neighbours can hear. This impact is quite audible in most buildings and will probably result in some complaints. 

As mentioned above, you must use the thicker treadmill mat, which helps to reduce vibration and noise. 

Getting your treadmill upstairs is another issue. If It is already assembled, you probably have to disassemble, carry their parts upstairs and assemble them. 

Treadmills usually do not fit in the lift. Their parts are heavy and normally big to carry up the stairs. And often not even fit in the door if it’s in one part. 

You also need to consider the width of the stairs. You may not be able to take the heavy machine upstairs.

How Do You Use A Treadmill Upstairs

Before installing the treadmill upstairs, measure your doorway to ensure it can fit through. This will make it much easier to move from one room to another. 

Once you install the treadmill, place it in the corner of the room. It will help reduce noise and vibration when you run on the machine for a workout. 

You also need to ensure that you have enough space in the room to put on the treadmill. Here we have some points for space that the treadmill needs. 

  • 5-6 feet behind to reduce harm if a fall occurs.
  • 2 feet on each side comfortably get on and off the treadmill. 
  • 2 feet in front for proper ventilation of the motor when it’s running.

If possible, place your treadmill in a carpeted area, as hardwood and laminate flooring creates the most noise. If you don’t have a carpet area, make sure to install a high thickness mat under the treadmill. 

You should not do running on the treadmill when it is upstairs. Because running on the treadmill makes a lot of noise which may disturb the neighbours. 


You can put the treadmill upstairs if you have sufficient room to use them. Can safely drag them upstairs and can keep neighbors’ disruption to the minimum. 

You should agree with the neighbors while putting the treadmill upstairs. Normally, a treadmill for residential weighting above-weight to 350 lbs is ideal for getting it upstairs.

If you are set on having a fitness room located upstairs. Place your treadmill in the room’s corner and use a cushioning mat underneath. You can ensure that it will run smoother and quieter. 

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