Best Women’s Watches Under $100 (2022)

A watch plays an essential role in enhancing the personality. Women can increase their power of attraction up to 40% by simply wearing a watch. Yes, it’s true the wrists with a sleek and elegant Watch look so sexy and attracts every eye.

The market is full of Women’s watches, and it’s hard to pick the best one for the wrist. But in today’s guide, we will discuss 15 high-quality and best Women’s watches Under $100. We see that high-quality Women’s Watches are scarce in the market.

Based on our experience and research, we collect some cool Women’s watches with different features, designs, colors, and Function.

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Why Women Need Watches?

There are many accessories available for women, and when we think about women’s accessories, we usually think of jewelry, makeup items, handbags, bracelets, and other such items.

But believe me small women’s watches with elegant design watches looks so attractive on Women’s wrist.

According to a Legendary designer Ralph Lauren “For me, accessories create and define a women’s style and make them unique. The bag she carries, the watch on her wrist, her sunglass, her jewelry all define a look that is her signature””.

best women's watches under 100

Increase Personality: I think that watches are essential for women because it is a symbol of time and wearing a Watch means that you respect the importance of time. And wearing a unique and elegant design watches also increases your social value and status.

Mobile phones are not always the best option for you to see the time. On some special occasions, Womens also needs watches like; while driving, in Kitchen, on Jogging, during exercises, etc.

And especially on exams time, you cannot use a mobile phone during that time you need to watch. By keeping in mind all these things, you should buy a perfect Women’s watch. And in this article, you will see the 15 best women’s watches under $100 that you should buy.

Top Watches Brands For Women’s

Like all other women’s accessories, there are also a lot of watch brands for women. But only a few of them give you the best women’s watches that you should buy. 

Some of the trusted and best women’s watches brand include Rolex, fossils, Chanel, Chopard, Cartier, Bell and Ross, and few other.

In this article, you will see different trusted brands, and don’t worry, all watches mention below are the best Watches for women with premium quality. All the Women’s watches are blown $100 and have different shapes, sizes, colors, and features. 

After reading this article, you will be able to buy the best Women’s watch for yourself that increases your value and helps you manage your essential time. We provide an affiliate link under every Watch, so we will earn some tiny commission if you buy from that link. 

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Best Women’s Watches Under 100

Fossil Stainless Steel Watch (Classical Look)

best watch for women

Fossil is one of the most trusted brands in the USA. The brand made high-quality and premium Watches with a very unique and elegant design. This Fossil stainless steel women’s watch is an extraordinary thing. There are three different variants Gold, Silver, and Black. You can choose any one of them.

This stainless steel watch gives some extra classical look that makes it more unique. The Watch is water-resistant and suitable for bathing, swimming, or snorkeling. But this watch is not much water-resistant to withstand scuba diving.

The dial of this watch is very calm and gives you roman numbers that look very beautiful. There are also some shining diamonds around the dial and on bands. You can also change its bands and replace them with a leather band. This Fossil Stainless steel watch is the best affordable women’s watch.

  • Stainless steel case
  • Gorgeous looks
  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable
  • Not for thin wrists

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Willful Fitness Tracker 

best watch for women under 100

Fitness is much essential for everyone to remain active and healthy. So’s Along with time management, this fitness watch for Women also measures the different physical activities every day.

 Now you will be able to track your daily success with the Willful fitness tracker’s excellent benefits.

If you are a younger lady, you should buy this Willful fitness watch because it helps you set your fitness goals and show you the best way to achieve them.

 It will help you during your workout, exercises and also track your sleep. Willful is the best women’s watch for under $100 and also a cheap ladies’ watch.

There are 14 different types of exercises Mode in the Willful fitness tracker. You can quickly and accurately track your walking, running, Cycling, Hiking, Fitness, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Spinning, Yoga, and Dancing. 

The tracker is waterproof and gives yous 7-10 days of extended battery life. So what you are waiting for, go and buy this best affordable women’s watch.

  • Best budget fitness tracker
  • Perfect for women
  • More comfortable design
  • Universal Compatible
  • Good battery
  • The heart rate is not much accurate.
  • You might face connectivity issues

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Timex Women’s Watch (Wit Leather Strap)

women watch under $100

With 40 years of experience, Timex is one of the most popular Watches brands. This Timex Women’s watch comes with a unique and attractive design with a leather strap.

There are six different variants available in this Timex Women’s Watch. This small women’s watch is the best affordable women’s watch that gives you some classical feel.

A Special thing in this Women’s watch is Indiglo back-light technology. With this technology, you can also see time in the dark. Just look at its design that has premium quality and incredible detail. The all-metal case and mineral glass lens offer strength and durability.

Not just that, this beautiful Women’s watch gives you ten years of battery life that is more than enough. The watch is water-resistant and has Scratch resistant mineral glass. If you want a cheap ladies’ watch, then Times Women’s watch is a perfect choice.

It comes with six different designs, and Colors all come with some different look and price tags.
The more exciting thing about this watch is a shiny dial that gives a unique look. So if you want the best women’s watches under $100 with some classical and elegant look, this one is a perfect choice.

  • Beautiful thin dial
  • Best for thin wrists
  • Stainless steel case
  • Affordable
  • Battery should be improve

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OLEVS Women’s Watch (Slimmest Watch)

best smartwatch for women under $100

Design and look matters in everything, so if you wear some stylish and unique women’s watch on your wrist, you will look more attractive.

This OLEVS stainless steel woman watch is one of the slimmest watches globally that comes with a more attractive design and has strong leather bands.

There are different variants available in this watch, but most variants with a navy blue dial are lovely. All the variants of OLEVS have ultra-slim dial and Minimalist design. The Watch is waterproof and scratch-resistant. You can also buy this watch as a special gift for your loved one.

If you want a multi look and style watch for fashion, Business, Casual, Simple, and Classic, then no other watch is perfect than this watch. 

Along with the time, you can also see the date to manage and schedule your different works. Its ultra-slim design is one of the lightest watches with just 25g of weight.

This Beautiful OLEVS women’s watch is also the most popular and highly positive rating watch on Amazon. You can easily buy this watch without any hesitation. It is made up of premium quality material. This one is one of the best affordable women’s watches under $30.

  • Ultra slim design
  • Eye catching
  • Best for outdoor
  • Poor battery
  • Material has low quality

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YAMAY Smart Watch (Fitness Tracker)

watch for women

This one is another smartwatch with many unique features that will track your daily routine and allow you to manage all your work. YAMAY Smart Watch build comes with a premium design. It looks like an Apple iOS watch. This smartwatch for women is the top-rated smartwatch on Amazon, with a 4.7 stars positive rating. One of the best budget-friendly watches for Women that give you plenty of premium features.

There are seven different colors available you can choose from anyone. Yamay smart fitness watch measures your all-day steps, heart rate, calories, consumption, distance traveled, heart rate, and much more. Seven different sports modes track your various exercises.

You can also connect this watch with your smartphone’s GPS to draw the route map in a related app. The Watch is also perfect for swimmers because it is waterproof. 

Moreover, the YAMAY fitness watch gives you 7-10 days of extended battery life. There are also many other amazing features in this watch, and it is one of the cheap ladies’ watches.

  • Looks like Apple watch
  • Elegant design
  • Comfotable
  • Various health tracking features
  • Battery life should be imrove
  • Not best for real fitness lover

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CakCity Women’s Watch (Casual Wrist Watch)

fitness watch for women under $100

So guys, if you want a Casual watch, then this one is the perfect choice for you. This stainless steel woman watch comes with a unique design. The color pattern and the crystal shining on its dial look so much beautiful. CakCity Women’s Watch gives you some classical feel with a mesh band that seems so cool on ladies’ wrists.

The watch is water-resistant to 30m which is suitable for daily use, like handwashing and rainy days. I love its dial because of its high strength, flower-shaped glass, and scratch-resistant property.

 Another exciting thing about this watch is its adjustable stainless steel mesh band. Its mesh band is very soft, skin-friendly, and comfortable.

I have seen many positive reviews of Capacity Women’s watch and all of them show that this product is highly reliable and the Best Women’s watch under $100. You can’t find such an amazing and unique design watch on a low budget. If you want to surprise your loved one with a fantastic gift then you should try this watch.

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Invicta Women’s Pro Diver

watch for women under $100

If you want the latest and small dial-size watch, you should try Invicta Women’s Watch. The whole Watch is made up of steel and gold tome stainless steel material. Along with time, you can also see the date on its dial. You can use this Watch for your simple routine, business, and in-home.

If you love sports and want a sports-type watch, then I don’t recommend you to buy this Watch. 

Invicta Women’s Watch comes with totally premium and high-quality material that satisfies every customer. Invicta is one of the most famous and trusted watches brand. So you can buy this Watch without any doubt about its quality. 

Moreover, this Watch is water-resistant and scratch-proof. You can also reduce its length by simply removing or adding its chains. This is one of the best stainless steel women’s watches that you should try.

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ANUIMOAR Women’s Rose Gold Watch

women watch under 100

ANUIMOAR Women’s watch is one of the traditional and best women’s watches under $100. I saw that lot of ladies like small dial watches, and such types of watches look so cool on their wrists. So if you also like to wear some lightweight and small dial watch on your wrist, you should buy Anuimoar Women’s watch. 

Such a watch is more comfortable than all other watches because of its lightweight and small dial size. 

This product comprises white gold shiny zircon, which gives some extra shine look, and I believe it looks so cool. Its band is like a bracelet, so if you love to wear the bracelet on your wrist, this watch is made. 

This watch is water-resistant to 30M, which is not suitable for swimming, but you can use it during hand wash and rainy weather. ANUIMOAR is one of the trusted and reliable watch brands that gives 60 days of free risk money back protection to its customers. 

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women watches


Victoria is a very famous and reliable UK watch brand that gives you high-quality watches. Some ladies want to plan dial watches with simple and minimalist designs, and if you are one of them, you should buy this watch. There are two different variants with six different colors.

VICTORIA HYDE Women Watch is another best stainless steel woman watch that gives a classical feel. But you can use this watch for all types of routine work. The watch is waterproof and durable. Its band is designed in such a way as to provide you maximum comfort.

You can also give this watch as a gift to your loved one. Victoria Hyde women’s watch is not much expensive. It a cheap ladies’ watches that you should try if you like minimalist designs. 

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VICTORIA HYDE Elegant Quartz( best for teenagers)

watch for women

If you want to give your girlfriend or your daughter a gift, then you try Victoria HYDE. This is one of the best women’s watches under $100 with an exquisite and unique design. It comes with a leather strap stainless steel mesh band that is very comfortable. 

There are four different colors available you can choose any one of them. The product quality is very reliable you can quickly build trust in its quality because of the Brand name. Victoria is a very famous UK watch brand that gives premium quality watches to its customers.

Its dial is very attractive and beautiful. There is a butterfly in the center of its dial. Like all other watches, this watch is also water-resistant to 30m. But not suitable for swimming or bathing.

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BUREI Elegant Women Watch

best female's watch under $100

This is another attractive and high-quality watch with analog display Data and a Calendar. If you want to wear some elegant and causal watches, then you should try BUREI Women’s watch. It is a very high and premium quality product and the best women’s watches under $100.

There are three different colors available, all with luxury rhinestones. You can wear such types of watches for business, meetings, parties, and in your daily life. 

The watch’s price is very reasonable, and I think you can’t find such a premium quality watch under $100. 

Like all other watches, BUREI Women’s watch is also water-resistant to 30 meters. Due to its attractive and elegant design, this Women’s watch is also perfect for gifts. And if you want to give some amazing gift to your loved one, you should try BUREI Elegant women’s watch.

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Virmee VT3 Fitness Watch (Budget-Friendly Women Watch)

best watch for female

If you have set your fitness goals and want to achieve them then you should buy the Virmee VT3 fitness watch. Along with time, you can also set your daily routine fitness goals on this watch that helps you to remain healthy and active all day. There are a lot of different features in this watch. 

Unlike other Women’s fitness watches Virmee Vt3 is a cheap and affordable women’s watch that gives you extra fitness features. 

Here you can track your heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep stage, stress status, and other 18 different exercises. The watch gives you highly accurate results and it is compatible with both iOS and Android. 

A lot of Women’s fitness watches with such a cheap price are not waterproof but this Virmee VT3 fitness watch is waterproof to 30m. There are three different colors available all have the attractive and the same design.

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YAMAY Smart Watch 

YAMAY Smart Watch is a high-quality Women’s fitness watch that is fully waterproof and you can also use it during swimming. With a circular dial shape, it looks like Galaxy Active watches that also have the same kind of design. Its rubber bands are very soft and comfortable to wear on your wrist.

There are a lot of different features and fitness mode which allows you to achieve your daily fitness goals. There are 13 exercise modes that include different types of outdoor and indoor activities. This watch will automatically monitor your real-time heart rate and track your sleep status. There is also an app for your watch where you can check the daily, weekly, and monthly data. 

The best thing about this watch is its battery life, YAMAY women’s fitness watch gives you 10 days of long time battery life on working and 30 days stand by time.

 There are also a lot of other features and functions like Sedentary reminders, Music control, remote camera, stopwatch, and much more. So I think this is the cheap and best women’s watches for under $100.

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Fossil Women’s Riley (Professional Look)

Professional look matter when you run a business, to enhance the professional look you should buy Fossil Women’s Riley Stainless steel watch. The watch is made up of pure and premium Chromium steel that looks so shiny. This Fossil watch is a top-rated watch on amazon with over 8K+ positive reviews so you can buy this watch without any doubt about its quality.

There are a lot of variants and color options available in this product, you can choose according to your desire. 

I really love its diamond-covered dial, the whole circular boundary of its dial is covered by shiny diamonds. Its needles are gold-coated that look so elegant and attractive.

Unlike other watches, this one is fully water-resistant to 100M which means you can also wear this watch during swimming or bathing. But not so much water-resistant to bear scuba diving. Overall this Fossil Women’s watch is the best women’s watch for under $100 that you can buy for a professional look.

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TICCI Unisex Women’s Watch


In the list of “Best women’s watches under $100,” this one is the last watch that comes with quite a simple design and looks. Its dial is based on a minimalist design you can easily and clearly see time on it. 

TICCI Unisex Women’s watch is made up of 100% premium and imported product its silicon band is highly comfortable.

TICCI brand is a highly reliable and famous brand, that why this watch comes with 3 years of manufacture’s warranty. There is also a small plastic stopper on the watch crown that helps to save the battery. The watch is water-resistant up to 30M and easy to wear and adjust.

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Final Words

I hope you will choose your favorite women’s watch from the above list. We showed you different companies’ women’s watches and all have high-quality designs and materials. Now it’s up to you which watch you want to select for your wrist. 

I don’t make this list on any prioritization so you are free to choose any of your favorites. But if you want some professional and branded item then you should choose Fossil watches. I mention two fossil watches both are the best women’s watches under $100. 

If you want to buy a fitness watch for yourself to manage your daily routine workouts and schedules then you are free to choose any one of them. All women’s fitness watches come with a variety of features and sensors. 

I hope you will enjoy this guide tell me in the comments section which ladies watch you liked.

Which one is the best women’s watch for under $100?

Fossil Women’s Riley

Which one are the most affordable women watch

TICCI Unisex Women’s

Professional Watch for Women is?

Fossil Women’s Riley