10 Best Thinnest Smartwatches For Men & Females (2022)

When buying a watch, the first thing that comes to mind is the watch’s style and feel. With so many features integrated into a smartwatch, it is very difficult to maintain its beauty and elegance. Many of us prefer thin watches that are easy to wear all day without thinking.

Based on all these advantages and your priorities, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 thinnest smartwatches that are sleek and minimalist.

Surely, at the end of this article, you’ll be able to pick the perfect one for you. So without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

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Best Thinnest Smartwatch

The thinnest smartwatch looks trendy and is easy to use. Trends change from day to day, but the thirst for the thinnest smartwatch has not changed over the years. Listed below are some of the best thinnest smartwatches.

1- Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Smartwatch

Thinnest smartwatch 

Product specifications

Brand Fossil
Color Black
Screen Size 1.28 Inches
weight 3.5 Ounces
Item Shape Round
Model Year 2019

While jumping into the Wear OS ecosystem from Google, the best device I can recommend right now is the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle. Fossil decided to embrace Google when creating its smartwatch.

So far, Fossil has been working very well. Therefore, if you invest in the Android ecosystem, this watch offers a very smooth experience.

Talking about the Android ecosystem doesn’t mean Carlyle compromises on compatibility. It is also compatible with the iPhone. Anteater GPS for navigation is supported, with Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi for connectivity.

Currently migrating internally, Fossil has upgraded to Snapdragon Wear 3100 SOC, 1GB RAM, and 8GB internal storage. Storage could be a little higher, but performance is one of the best smartwatch games overall.

You’ll also have access to a vast collection of Play Store watch faces and apps while integrating Google Pay directly into your watch.

The watch is packed with sensors such as heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, heart fitness monitoring, and activities like walking, jogging, swimming, and walking. Versatility is handy, and you can keep track of all your data with the Google Fit companion app.

There are 328 pixels per inch on Fossil’s 1.28-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 416 x 416. It’s a beautiful display with excellent outdoor visibility, rich colors, infinite contrast, and excellent battery efficiency.

It also supports incoming calls using Bluetooth and message notifications. High pixel density also provides clearer vision and more explicit text. This is great.

What protection does this offer against day-to-day scratches?

Yes, Because its case is made of stainless steel, and there are metal, leather, and silicone straps to match. The circular design looks elegant, measures 44mm, and has a reasonably slim form factor. As expected in this price range, the top layer is Glass, which protects from everyday scratches.

Final verdict

Carlyle comes with a one-year limited warranty with no damage protection plan. Therefore, do not drop your watch on the ground as it is unlikely to flood this device.

I like Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch because of its high-performance hardware and beautiful display that gives a sleek and sophisticated look. The only thing that I don’t like is that it has a high price tag with no ECG.

But if you’re looking for the best thinnest smartwatch that’s fashionable and feature-rich and requires integration with Wear OS, then the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle is for you.

  • Hardware with high performance
  • A beautiful and sharp display
  • Water-resistant to 3 ATM
  • Multiple health and fitness monitoring features
  • One year warranty
  • Excellent battery timing
  • A higher price with no ECG

2- Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


Product specification

Brand Samsung Electronics
Color Black
Screen Size 1.1 Inches
weight 0.90 ounces
Item Shape Round
Operating System Tizen 4.0

Samsung has been making great smartwatches for years. GalaxyWatch Active2 is one of the best thinnest smartwatches ever produced. Packed with all the essentials for health and wellness, the Active2 is the best candidate for slim smartwatch games.

Samsung is running the latest version of Tizen OS on this device. This ecosystem has evolved significantly over the years. It is now one of the best ecosystems possible on any smartwatch, with a responsive, user-friendly UI and a wide variety of apps.

Samsung uses its own Exynos 9110 with the Galaxy Active2. 1.5 GB RAM (LTE model) or 1.15 GHz dual-core CPU with 768 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage.

The hardware is attractive. In short, the performance of this device is outstanding. Unfortunately, it has a relatively small amount of internal storage.

The screen is made with Samsung’s signature Super AMOLED technology. It is a 1.4-inch panel with 360 x 360 resolution.

The panel can be pretty bright outdoors, and thanks to its infinite contrast ratio, the dark clock face also shines perfectly. It also supports an always-on display, so you don’t have to wake up your watch every time.

Now, Korean brands like the circular watch face these days on the design and build part. Active2 is no exception. The sleek circular body looks great and comes with aluminum or stainless steel as the construction material. This case also has both IP68 and 5ATM waterproof certification.

When it comes to sensors, there are a plethora of sensors in a variety of health monitoring features such as heart rate monitoring, ECG (available in the US only), sleep monitoring, and even stress monitoring, which is rare in this price range.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active have good battery life?

Yes, this watch has long battery life. The 349mAh battery lasts up to 60 hours on a single mixed-use charge. However, with limited functionality, the device can last up to 131 hours of low usage. These numbers are perfect for watches with many features

Final verdict

The device can track activities such as swimming, running, walking, and even various sports. Therefore, if you find the Active 2’s features attractive enough or use a Samsung smartphone and need support for cellular connectivity, this is your best choice.

What I like most about the Galaxy Watch 2 is its beautiful sleek design which makes you a center of attention in a gathering. I don’t like the only thing that it still needs more third-party apps.

  • Available in 4G LTE
  • monitoring and ECG
  • waterproof 10 ATM alongside IP68
  • Powerful hardware
  • Beautiful sleek design
  • Non-Samsung smartphones cannot connect to cellular networks

3- Fitbit Ionic Watch

which is the thinnest smartwatch 

Product Specifications:

Brand Fitbit
Color Charcoal / Smoke Grey
Screen Size 1.42 Inches
weight 10.4 Ounces
Battery Life Up to 5 days
Water-resistant 50 Meters depth

The Fitbit Ionic Watch has a good balance of retro looks and modern features. It’s the only smartwatch on this list that can track blood oxygen, even if it’s very thin.

This isn’t a watch for everyone, but it’s a perfect fit for a certain group of people. Also, if you are looking forward to using this watch with a third-party blood pressure monitor like the Dexcom G6, the watch will not work, or you will need to check compatibility).

Cell phone compatibility isn’t an issue with Fitbit smartwatches, but it’s also true for the Ionic. It supports both Android and iOS. GPS + GLONASS is also supported for navigation using Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n for wireless connectivity.

The device features a 1.4-inch LCD with a resolution of 250×348 pixels. This screen isn’t as power-efficient as an OLED screen, but it’s very sharp and vibrant.

However, it is not available if you are looking for a continuous display function. The screen is one of the Ionic’s weaknesses.

For smartwatches that do a lot of jumping, the Fitbit Iconic has many sensors to monitor your health, including blood oxygen, heart rate, VO2 max, and sleep for daily running and swimming. , Hiking, great mountain cycling, and training stats. The division’s overall profit is somewhat surprising from something like Aeon.

As for battery usage, you can use it for about 5 days on a single charge with normal/mixed usage. If you use GPS and music (via Bluetooth) simultaneously, this time will be reduced to just 10 hours. That’s the pretty good battery life for devices like the Ionic.

Is Fitbit Ionic compatible with music?

Fitbit Ionic comes with 2.5GB internal storage to store songs. All you need to do then is plug your wireless headphones in and dig a hole. Thus, whenever you want to enjoy sports, you can easily download playlists to Ionic using Pandora without carrying your phone with you.

Final Verdict

The Ionic is probably one of the best thinnest smartwatches that Fitbit has ever created. The combination of Surge hardware and Blaze software provides maximum practicality to the user.

My favorite thing about Fitbit Ionic is its thin and attractive design that grabs the attention of everyone.

  • Monitoring of blood oxygen levels
  • Long battery life
  • Water-resistant to 5 ATM
  • Two sizes bands included
  • Store and play 300+ songs
  • Currently not in production

4- Withings Steel HR

thin smartwatches 

Product specifications

Brand Withings
Color Black
Screen Size 1.3 Inches
Water-Resistant Up to 5 meters
Battery Life Up to 25 days
Band Width 18 Millimeters

Have you heard of hybrid smartwatches? Well, that’s all you need to get something functional while checking the thickness from time to time. By the way, we are talking about Withings Steel HR, formerly known as Nokia Health.

When it comes to compatibility, Withings supports both Android and iOS ecosystems. As a result, it doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone.

Steel HR does not use complex SOC or RAM. As a hybrid smartwatch, the sensor measures your health data and sends it to your mobile phone. The clock itself does not require much visual interaction with the user and internally does most of the work.

Some sensors monitor heart rate and sleep, but the main focus is fitness in over 30 sports modes like cycling, fencing, football, basketball, and golf. Regular fitness statistics such as running and swimming are also available.

Now the screen is the tricky part. This best thinnest smartwatch has an analog clock system, but it has a small display at the top. But this isn’t a flashy touchscreen that displays all smartwatches and can be customized with a watch face.

Instead, this small screen can show a single health stat or notifications from apps like Uber and Spotify.

If you want to see all the health and activity data your watch is tracking, you need to install the Withings Health Mate app on your smartphone.

The Steel HR’s battery life is perfect. You can get up to 25 days of juice on a single charge. If you only use your device to track time and activity, it will take an extra 20 days, which can be a vey long battery life of 45 days.

How waterproof is the Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch?

It is waterproof and can submerge to 165 feet (50 m). You can also hold your target table during water-based activities like swimming, water polo, canoeing, and surfing.

Also, saltwater should not be exposed to the HR hybrid smartwatch for too long. Rinse with fresh water after working in saltwater.

Final verdict

Withings watches are taken to the next level with the Steel HR, thanks to a built-in heart rate monitor and a small screen that can display metrics and notifications.

Most amazing thing that I like about Withings Steel HR is its long battery life and amazing fitness tracking along with the sleek and beautiful design,

  • This look is elegant and classic
  • HR sensor great for running
  • Long battery life
  • Convenient notification display
  • Mechanic watch system
  • Available sports & fitness tracking modes
  • Water-resistant to 5 ATM
  • Sturdy construction
  • Waterproof
  • Wi-Fi is not available
  • Expensive.

5- Skagen Connected Falster 2

Skagen Connected Falster 2 

Product specifications

Brand Skagen
Color Red Silicone
Item Shape    Round
weight 3.35 Ounces
Charging / Battery Life 1 Hour Rapid Charge / Approx. 1 Day Battery Life
Water-resistant depth          50 Meters

Skagen Falster 2 will be your next best choice. It also runs Wear OS and offers the entire Gen4 low price.

Falster 2 is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. However, the integration will be more seamless if you are using Android. It features Bluetooth 4.1 LE and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n for wireless connectivity and GPS for all navigation needs.

It has the same Snapdragon 2100 with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage when it comes to raw hardware. This is a pretty average spec sheet but still consistent with the Fossil Gen 4, so you can expect similar performance overall.

Falster 2 also comes with Wear OS, which gives you access to the Google Play store to have all the apps you need and features like Google Pay and Google Assistant.

In the design and manufacturing quality division, Skagen adopts the circular stainless steel design. The case is sturdy and should last quite a long time.

The design is also very similar to the Fossil Gen 4, but there are enough differences to distinguish them. It also has a 3ATM rating, making it easy to survive a swimming session.

The available sensors are very similar, with heart rate monitoring and daily activity tracking features.

The device can track statistics such as running, swimming, walking, and walking in the activity tracking section. That’s what you’d expect, and it’s not a complete collection of health monitoring features. Therefore, this department will sometimes come to the fore as a bit of a deficiency.

Battery life doesn’t change much either. If you’re using all features on a mixed-use basis, the usage time is less than 24 hours. So you need to charge your watch at night. If you use the built-in low power mode, you can get another 2 days.

Will Skagen Connected Falster 2 be visible from outdoors?

For the display, Skagen adopted a 1.19-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 390 x 390. Due to OLED’s infinite contrast ratio and punchy colors, the display is easily visible outside. You can get all notifications and app alerts, and more right on the screen. High pixel density makes images and text stand out

Final verdict

Skagen offers the Falster 2 with a two-year limited international warranty. That’s great because most other competitors almost always only offer a one-year warranty in the country. But if you don’t want to spend extra money on the accessories, the Skagen Falster 2 is for you.

I like Skagen Falster 2 because of its OLED display and magnetic closure. Also, it has a sophisticated design which makes you feel better.

  • Access to Google’s ecosystem through WearOS
  • OLED displays
  • Magnetic closure
  • Capable of withstanding 3 ATM of moisture
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Easily adjustable fit and quick closure.
  • Poor craftsmanship.
  • Health monitoring is a little lax

6- Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin Vivoactive 3 

Product Specifications

Brand Garmin
Color  Black With Stainless
Screen Size 1.2 Inches
Battery life Up to 7 days
Weight 1.52 ounces
Water-Resistant 5 ATM

Garmin Vivoactive 3 is the predecessor of the last Vivoactive 4. However, besides having a very similar feature set, it is thinner and lighter than its successor. That’s why I was on my list, not my little brother.

In the compatibility section, Garmin supports both the iOS and Android ecosystems. However, in terms of connectivity, cellular networks are not supported. However, all the navigation features you need, such as GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. ANT+, Bluetooth 4.0, and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n are also supported.

When it comes to hardware, Garmin doesn’t say precisely what hardware you’re using, but what I do know is that the Vivoactive 3 is very fast and responsive. The internal storage is probably less than available in the flagship Fenix series, but it should still be enough to install all the apps you need to complete your fitness.

However, Garmin does not make any concessions on the sensors. Some sensors monitor your heart rate and body temperature and sensors that track your daily exercise and activities during various sports. It also has built-in VO2 max and stress monitoring, which most smartwatches don’t have.

Garmin uses a translucent LCD panel for its watches, and the Vivoactive 3 1.2-inch unit is no exception. These panels still use LED backlights. This means it consumes more battery than OLED and isn’t the purest when it comes to on-screen visuals.

You can get different watch faces on the screen and show alerts for calls and messages, but the watch does not have built-in speakers or microphones.

The Vivoactive 3 falls into the budget category as long as you consider the Garmin smartwatch. Therefore, it is not surprising that the device is hard plastic with a stainless steel frame (for non-music models).

As you would expect from a Garmin smartwatch, the case is circular, with the sensor at the bottom and a button to the right. However, Garmin still manages to put a 5ATM waterproof rating on the bag. This is somewhat impressive.

This best thinnest smartwatch has a long battery life, around 7- days on a single charge in smartwatch mode. However, if you use GPS continuously, this time drops to 13 hours, and if you add music playback to it, it drops to 5 hours on a single charge.

Is Garmin Vivoactive 3 capable of answering calls?

Vivoactive 3 is different from Apple Watch Series 3. You can’t talk on your watch or make calls from your device, but you can accept incoming calls from your screen and start talking on your smartphone right away.

Final verdict

Garmin has created a wearable that can comfortably compete with other top wearables on the market. Garmin covers the Vivoactive 3 with a one-year warranty.

Anyway, when it comes to a fantastic health-focused smartwatch, the Garmin Vivoactive 3 does just that, and your wrists are so thin. If it’s meant to be like a smartwatch, I’m not sure why I didn’t consider the Garmin Vivoactive 3.

  • Connectivity options galore
  • Excellent battery life
  • Compatible with Garmin OS
  • Water-resistant to 5 ATM
  • VO2 max monitoring
  • Sports applications built-in
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • No cellular connection
  • OLED display not available

7- Withings Activite Sapphire


Product specifications

Brand Withings
Color  Color  Black
Screen Size 1.3 Inches
Weight 0.04 Kilograms
Battery Life 8 Hours
Displays Analog Display


The Withings Activité Sapphire is a hybrid smartwatch like the Steel HR. However, it does not come with a screen. So if you’re interested in the Steel HR but don’t want to deal with analog watch displays, we suggest you consider this instead.

Withings includes iOS, and Android ecosystems support, so compatibility is not an issue. Connections include GPS for navigation and Bluetooth for wireless from watches to a cell phones. However, there is no Wi-Fi support.

Activité doesn’t do any actual processing, so it doesn’t require a powerful processor or high-speed RAM, and the device eliminates them as well. However, it retains the sensors that help it perform sleep and activity monitoring.

There is no actual screen, so I have a mechanical watch. This may be the first reason to look at this device. However, the body is made of stainless steel, and the Activité Sapphire version also has a top sapphire layer that is much less scratchy than glass. There is no problem while swimming since it is water-resistant to up to 5 ATMs.

It is powered by a coin cell battery and doesn’t need to be recharged. The lifetime per battery is approximately eight months. It’s crazy, but the clock isn’t working very well anyway, so there’s some expectation. The smartwatch is a reasonably standard Activité with a standard one-year warranty.

Does this Withings Activité Sapphire have an easy setup procedure?

Setting up Activité is also very easy. Use Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with your smartphone. So you don’t have to do anything to establish the connection. When you open the app, the app will connect automatically.

Final verdict

Despite its price, it’s an outstanding and stylish tracker and the best thinnest smartwatch. Anyway, if you need a hybrid smartwatch, the Steel HR is better for you can’t be overemphasized. However, if you don’t need a screen, Withings Activité Sapphire might make some sense.

  • System of mechanical watches
  • Battery life of 8 months
  • Tracking your sleep
  • 5 ATM of water resistance
  • Luxury design
  • There is no Wi-Fi
  • No display

8- Pebble Time Smartwatch

Pebble Time Smartwatch 

Product specifications

Brand Pebble
Color Black
Battery life  2 days
Screen Size 1.375
Weight           7.41 ounces
Thickness 7.75

It’s the world’s lightest and best thinnest smartwatch. This round-face pebble time round smartwatch comes with a 7.5mm thick, compact, and lightweight watch strap in various colors like silver, black, and rose gold. You can choose the strap color that suits your outfit and lifestyle.

Android’s thinnest women’s smartwatch is smoother and lighter than other smartwatches, thanks to its small round screen of just 1 inch. With the fine pebble watch face, you can read data and view apps without harming your eyes.

Smartwatches are challenged by their battery life, which allows the pebbles to last up to 48 hours on a single charge. This (world’s) smallest smartwatch’s battery life depends on the watch app and how it is used.

Electronic paper (color) is the technology behind the screen. This is a minor improvement over older black and white displays, but it isn’t very bright due to the limited colors. The 1-inch panel has 180 x 180 resolution, which is pretty low but works on e-paper displays.

The case is made of stainless steel material, and it feels solid. The top is made of Corning gorilla glass and is more resistant to scratches than regular glass. However, the factor’s 7.5mm thinness is unmatched.

As mentioned earlier, it’s currently the world’s thinnest smartwatch and looks pretty cute with a circular bezel. I’m not a big fan of thick bezels, but honestly, that’s the design’s biggest downside.

Which app is best for the Pebble smartwatch?

Runkeeper is one of Pebble’s most respected and well-known fitness apps. This companion app works with apps installed on your smartphone and is available for iOS and Android. Runkeeper lets you track your runs, walks, and more using Pebble’s built-in GPS.

Final Verdict

Finally, the time round has a one-year limited warranty. This is pretty standard for smartwatches. Now, to summarize this, the Pebble Time Round is for people who want to have the thinnest smartwatch possible and don’t care about health monitoring. This is the watch for you.

  • The thinnest smartwatch in the world, measuring just 7.5 millimeters
  • Beautiful design
  • IPX7 splash resistance is better than no IP rating
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters
  • Integrated microphone for quick notes
  • Produced no longer
  • Short battery life

9- Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch



Product specifications

Color Sport Black
Battery life  2 days
Screen Size 1.2
Weight           2 ounces
Thickness 12.6 mm

It is not easy to notice that this Chinese smartwatch weighing about 57 grams is on your wrist. The lightweight design, 12.6mm thickness, and thin watch strap are the reasons why the Huawei Smartwatch 2 is comfortable all day long.

The screen is an OLED touchscreen that provides seamless access to the app. The watch band also has many color options.

Independent storage lets you listen to music without a phone. Easily access your audio files while running or at the gym.

Enjoy the benefits of Wear OS apps and Google / Android Wear. Pair your Huawei Watch 2 with your Android smartphone or pair with iOS or limit compatibility independently for full compatibility.

Other features of this slim Chinese smartwatch include a built-in speaker, dust and water-resistant, rechargeable battery that lasts for several days, alarm, compass, heart rate sensor, accelerometer, barometer, and gyroscope.

This feature makes this slim Huawei Watch 2 suitable for outdoor exploration such as hiking and mountain biking.

Unfortunately, it’s not waterproof and has no camera and storage memory (it can’t store or hold songs). It is not a standalone smartwatch as it also does not support cellular SIM cards. This is Huawei’s smallest smartwatch, perfect for women’s wrists.

What activities are tracked by Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch?

Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch has a set of running and walking modes (indoor and outdoor). It also tracks cycling, hiking, mountaineering, rowing, trail running, ellipticals, and swimming.

Final verdict

It has a nice-looking, attractive OLED display, provides highly accurate and versatile activity tracking, and helps you manage wrist notifications and calls. Most importantly, it does not require daily charging. Hence, you can choose it as one of the best thinnest smartwatches for you and your loved one

  • Looks premium
  • Beautiful OLED display
  • Bluetooth calling is useful
  • Best tracker ever
  • A limited number of watch faces
  • Super-sharp screen.

10- Amazfit Beep


Product specifications

Brand Amazfit
Color Onyx Black
Battery life  45 days
Screen Size 1.28 Inches
Weight           1.10 ounces
Thickness 11.5 mm

The Amazfit Bip is one of the best thinnest smartwatches under $150. It is also one of the longest-lasting devices on this list. I think many people are interested in something like Bip, especially if you need a device that does all the essential smartwatch functions and doesn’t break your wallet.

Bip can be used on both Android phones and iPhones when it comes to compatibility. It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connections and uses a Sony chip for GPS + GLONASS. This chip also needs to reduce battery drain and works pretty well.

Amazfit used the Mediatek SOC in the performance department with 1MB of RAM and 4MB of internal flash storage. The fact that the device can run the basics is not an exaggeration.

Amazfit’s OS handles these things quickly, so I’m not too worried. The available sensors are also very simple, and the only important sensor is the heart rate sensor. The watch can also track basic running, walking, and cycling.

Amazfit uses translucent reflective colored panels regarding its imaging technology. There’s no popping color as it’s not an OLED panel, but I was able to get good battery life from a 1.28-inch panel with a 127 x 127 resolution.

Amazfit claims the Bip has 45 days of battery life. This seems like an absolute best-case scenario, and all users will see slightly different results depending on their usage habits. Given that the Bip can only do a handful, you can squeeze in over 40 days if you don’t use GPS a lot.

Is it possible to use Amazfit Bip without a phone?

Amazfit has a new GPS running watch called the Pace that doesn’t require a phone to track all your workout data. This watch has 45 days of battery life and 2.4GB of internal storage. Pace can also monitor your heart rate and send notifications in sync with your mobile device. GPS hardware supports GPS and GLONASS.

Final Verdict

For now, a one-year warranty is included with the device for the aftermarket. This is what you get in every other smartwatch these days. In general, if you are looking for a smartwatch that can measure at least your heart rate and you have a limited budget, the Amazfit Bip is for you.

  • Price is cheaper
  • Best for health & fitness monitoring
  • Water-resistant, so you can use the device in the rain
  • Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Tracking multisports
  • Hardware problems
  • OLED display not working

Buying Guide of the Best Thinnest Smartwatch

The thinnest smartwatch is smart to own and use, as it provides an incredible amount of helpful information and features in such a small package.

And with all the designs available these days, wearing a smartwatch can be cool and cool simultaneously; after deciding to buy the thinnest smartwatch, what to consider when buying a smartwatch for a small wrist. Read on!

Innovative Features

When looking for a smartwatch, its features are of great importance to you. The rich smartwatch has all the connectivity features, camera, audio, auto-sync, touchscreen, fitness tracking, reporting, sleep analysis, smart alarms and notifications, and GPS.

Design, size, weight

The design of what you wear is always essential. So, Watch case diameter up to 38mm and case thickness up to 7mm is the upper limit of the size you can have and still look great on your smartwatch.

Type of Band

Band types and customization options are other important factors that many people see before purchasing a smartwatch. Many brands today allow customers to swap bands and change them according to their mood.

The material of the tape is also important. Do you want a steel band? Or are you happy with the default rubber band that comes with your watch? Do you prefer a leather strap that makes your smartwatch look more stylish? Personalization is often important to give users and watchmakers access to many options.

Most watches also offer a “watch face” that fits the band when it comes to customization. When making the final decision, check the watch face to ensure the smartwatch band and watch face are compatible.

Speaker and microphone

It would be great to have a smartwatch with a speaker and microphone. In addition to all the other features, you can truly live hands-free, use an AI assistant, and answer calls. It doesn’t seem essential, but once you get it, you can’t think of a time when it wasn’t that comfortable.


Smartwatch primarily uses two types of display technologies: LCD or OLED. The color LCD screen lets you display your content brightly with rich colors, reducing battery life.

On the other hand, a clear OLED screen allows for a thinner design but with a higher price tag. The touchscreen is another important detail to consider. Choosing a touch feature may seem perfectly logical, but keep in mind that it’s a small screen that’s completely untouchable.


Smartwatches have the most significant advantage of saving you time and showing you your health information.

In many cases, fitness metrics are built-in, some acting as smart extensions to smartphones while others are sold as health-focused devices. Unless you’re using it for just one of the above purposes, it’s best to find a solution that provides an excellent all-in-one experience.

Water resistance

Usually, smartwatches are purchased primarily for fitness tracking purposes. Therefore, water resistance is an important property to look for.

A good smartwatch can be your companion for swimming sessions, wet workouts at the gym, or running during heavy rains. If you are an active individual, choose at least 50 meters of water resistance.

Compatibility with smartphones

Only buy your smartwatch if you are 100% sure it will work on your smartphone. You can’t buy an Apple Watch and connect it to your Android smartphone.

This is because Apple Watch only connects to iPhone. On the other hand, smartwatches running on Google Wear OS can connect to Android or iPhone but may have limited functionality. For example, the Fitbit Versa 2 can easily connect to your iPhone, but iOS does not respond quickly to your messages.

Charging and battery life

Most color-screen smartwatches tend to last a day or two between charges, so you should consider how often you keep your watch connected. An audio clock that you use as a phone will last much longer. For small-wrist smartwatches, a small screen is often preferred, extending battery life.

If the most extended battery life is crucial, we recommend using a black and white screen. And if possible, get a smartwatch that charges wirelessly instead of plugging it in. This will significantly improve the user experience.


Everyone, that’s all. These are the 7 best and thinnest smartwatches that you will never feel in your hand. And the best thing about these thinnest smartwatches is that they have the latest features and sensors.

With them, you’ll be able to track your activities effectively. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions. Also, check the website for a more helpful guide.

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