Best Square Smartwatch to Buy (2022)

I personally love a square smartwatch that’s why I’m going to write a guide for you on this topic. I hope you will enjoy it.

Smartwatches now become more essentials. In addition, to viewing time smart watches also helps you to achieve your fitness goals. There lot of fitness options available, from heart rate monitoring to sleep tracking and so on. But these features vary from watch to watch.

If you are a fitness lover and have some fitness goals then you must have a smartwatch on your wrist. In this era, everyone wants to be fit and healthy. Real and best smartwatches are your perfect companion on this fitness journey.

To be honest it’s very hard to find the best square smartwatch in the market because you know there are a lot of smart wearables available. And for buying just one watch you would see the features and perspectives.

For the ease of the Gorila-Fitness watches reader, we will help you to find the best wearable for your wrist. Their price range, features, brands, and all other things differ from each other. You can select the best one for your wrist.

I love Apple watches, Apple watch series 5 and series 6 are the best ever smartwatches in this world. And you can’t find a true companion like an Apple watch. Along with the square design, you will get more exciting features

Why Choose a Square SmartWatch?

If you want a modern look and some elegant design then you should select a square dial smartwatch. Believe me or not it’s looking more attractive than a circular dial smartwatch. If you found some special piece of square smartwatch then you are very lucky.

As I already told you I personally love the square smartwatch because it gives me an incredible experience. And I daily use it in my morning walk. But you must select a low weight and slim wearable so that your wrist never feels too heavy.

Guide To Buy Best Square SmartWatch

Before buying a smartwatch you must consider the following things that help you to select the best piece for your wrist.

guide to buy best smartwatch


Definitely Brand matter, it’s good for you if you are stick with a most popular brand. Popular and famous brands take years to become famous and they provide the best thing that has value in the market. Lots of other new brands are available in the market but only a few of them gives valuable smartwatch.


The second important thing is multiple features, you should look at several important features before buying a smartwatch. Your smartwatch must measure heart rate, steps, calories, and sleep, these four or five are important features must present in your smartwatch.

Also, these features help you to achieve your daily fitness goals. But there should also be some extra feature and sports mode that helps you to track your exercises and gives you insights.


I think accuracy is one of the most important things. If you don’t have an accurate watch that gives you precise results then literally you just waste your money. Although accurate smartwatches are a bit expensive you shouldn’t compromise on accuracy.


There is a huge number of smartwatch brands and each one offers a different design, shape, and material. square smartwatches are quite attractive and elegant that’s why a lot of big brands focus on square shape instead of circular. You can see the Apple watches.

You must consider a water-resistant and dustproof smartwatch. For your outdoor activities, it’s essential to have a 50 meters water resistance watch. There are also some other considerations like material, comfortable band, weight, etc.


In the market you will see a $30 smartwatch at the same time you would also see a $700 smartwatch. Now you can imagine a difference between them. Usually, people buy mid-range smartwatches from $100 to $300. Mid-range smartwatches can easily full fill your fitness achieving requirements.

Battery Life

For tracking your activities for a long period of time you must have a powerful battery smartwatch. In this guide, I will show you some famous brands of smartwatches that have incredible battery life.

Cheap square Smartwatches

Firstly let’s talk about some budget-friendly smartwatches. Although these smartwatches are cheap they give you a lot of important and essential features.

Yamay SmartWatch

A few months ago this smartwatch was very famous on the Amazon marketplace. Yamay smartwatch got 11K reviews and 50K pieces sold out till now. It has a beautiful square and sleek design that attracts everyone.

A lightweight smartwatch you will never feel un-comfort on your wrist after wearing it for a long time.

It comes with all the necessary features heart rate tracker, a blood pressure monitor, a steps counter, calorie and sleep tracking, and more. If you want to customize your smartwatch then you can also do this. There are a lot of watch interfaces available.

Along with these fitness features, this smartwatch also gives you 9 different sports modes that help you to track outdoor activities. You can track cycling, jogging, running, swimming and some other outdoor activities.

The watch has universal compatibility you can connect it with both android and iOS. Other features include notifications, female health-tracking, a breath guide, and more. You will get 10 days of long battery life here. If you want to read more about the Yamay smartwatch then read out my Yamay Smartwatch Review.

  • A cheap smartwatch
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Elegant design
  • Comfortable
  • The watch wouldn’t stay connected with an app
  • Need improvements in-app

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WillFull Smartwatch

After Yamay Willfulll is another most trending and budget-friendly smartwatch that gives you some extra exciting features. You will get a soft and lightweight wearable that gives you the next-level experience of comfort.

The willful smartwatch comes with 9 different sports modes that include; walking, running, hike, cycling, yoga, and more.  Along with heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, calories counting, steps counting Willfull also gives you some premium features the smartwatch also measures distance and can track your workout routes.

Unlike other normal smartwatches, this one measures real-time heart rate that is very useful. So for your healthier lifestyle, this budget-friendly wearable is amazing. I really like its battery life that gives you 7 days of time on normal use and 30 days standby time.

Moreover, this smart wearable will automatically measure your sleep. You can set alarms, see notifications, change display options, control music on your smartphone, deep breath guide, and more. I also recommend this smartwatch to women.

  • Have three adjustable brightness level
  • Easily pair with a smartphone
  • Gives you more amazing clock faces
  • Cheap
  • You can’t answer incoming calls via this watch.

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CanMix Smartwatch

CarMax is one of the most famous and experienced brands. This smartwatch is ultra-light has just 43 g of weight. And it’s so stylish and attractive. Its dial has 10mm thickness and 35mm width.

With a high resolution and brighter screen, you will easily read the dial even under strong sunlight.

Like all other smartwatches, this one also measures steps, heart rate, calories, sleep, blood pressure, oxygen, etc. It comes with 8 different outdoor sports modes. An extra thing in this smartwatch is, you can connect it with your smartphone GPS for modes like run, jogging, etc to see a more precise distance.

In addition, CanMix Smartwatch gives you a smart camera feature that allows you to control your smartphone camera. With just one tap on your smartwatch, you can capture photos from your smartphone. In addition, you can also control music on your smartphone via this watch.

Like the other two smartwatches CanMixs watch also gives you 7-10 days of normal battery life that is enough for tracking your activities. You can connect it with both iOS and Android. For insights and analysis of your activities, you need to install its app.

  • Easy to use
  • Easily connect with a smartphone
  • Have some more features
  • Cheap price
  • Little uncomfortable Wrist band

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Best Square Smartwatches (Mid Range)

Here in the list, I mention some amazing wearable that will give you some extra twist and features. Hopefully, all these smartwatches a perfect for everyone because this one covers all the fitness features. If you are interested in buying something good for your wrist then you should go with a Mid-range square smartwatch.

AmazFit GTS 2

If you want to feel the next level of comfort then buy Amazfit GTS 2, a very lightweight smartwatch. Also, for comfort wear, it comes with a soft wrist band so you can wear it for long. Have some more exciting features and species that you would like.


First of I love its ultra-slim and lightweight design. It comes with an always-on AMOLED display that will show you readings 24/7. You will see a lot of fitness features like a 24/7 heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, Sp02 and stress measurement, PAI health assessment system.

You will find a vast variety of features here, it has 70+ different indoor and outdoor sports modes. If you do gym or exercises, then Amazfit GTS 2 is a useful smartwatch for you. You can track your every activity and work out and deeply analyze your data via its app.

Here you will get 14 days of long battery life that is more than enough for measuring your activities for long. You can also use this smartwatch for your adventure, hiking, swimming, and other such outdoor adventures.

Here you will see 50+ unique and beautiful watch interfaces, you can also customize the interface according to your need. It also allows you to upload your photo to make the watch face yours.

  • Elegant and slim design
  • The amazing thing for fitness tracking
  • Easy to use and professional software
  • You can customize only 2 watch face
  • No ECG

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Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit is an experienced brand that gives premium quality to its customer.  I saw most the professional people wear Fitbit brand smartwatches.  One extra and advanced thing in this smartwatch is the built-in Alexa that makes this wearable smarter.


This one is a premium quality square smartwatch that offers you a lot of special features which usually found in High-end smartwatches. Along with measuring your heart rate, blood pressure, steps, sleep, calories this smartwatch also gives you build-in Alexa technology.

There is a lot of extra sports mode present in this smartwatch. For measuring the distance of your different outdoor activities Fitbit Versa 2 is best. Its display is very soft and HD, you can even read its dial under strong sunlight.

You will find many guided programs, more advanced tools, and thousands of workouts. For fitness lovers, this is an incredible thing. With its advanced app, you can see more deep and broad insight that will help you to accurately perform your fitness activities.

Its battery life is one-week maximum, but it depends on your use. If you use more features then definitely it will give you a short battery life of about 5 days.

  • Unique and attractive design
  • Premium quality material
  • More health feature
  • Extra durable smartwatch
  • No GPS
  • No Always-on Customization

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Amazfit GTS 2e

This is another beautiful Amazfit smartwatch that offers some premium features. As compare to GTS 2 this one has more feature and watch interfaces. Also, this one comes with some long and extended battery life. We can say that Amazfit GTS 2e is an up version of Amazfit GTS 2.


Amazfit GTS 2e is another elegant smartwatch that comes with a thin and light Bezel-less design. And have an always-on HD display. Along with different fitness tracking features, it gives you a lot more advanced.

It comes with 50+ watch faces and 40+ have matching always-on display. You can also customize watch faces according to your need. There is a 24/7 heart rate monitor, with its smart sensor whenever your heart rate increases it gives you a warning and you can take some rest.

There is also a Spo2 monitor, PAI health assessment system, sleep quality monitoring, and more. Unlike other smartwatches, Amazfir provides you more accuracy and preciseness that helps you to achieve your fitness goals.

In addition, there are 90+ different in the door and outdoor sports modes. Just activate modes and the watch will automatically generate a report for your specific activity. And you can easily see the insights of your activities in-app. This wearable gives you 14 days of long battery life.

  • More advance smartwatch
  • Easy to use software
  • Premium quality and material
  • Easily connect with smartphone
  • Little expensive

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Garmin Venu

I’m sure you ever listen about Garmin smartwatches, they will never compromise on the quality and accuracy of the smartwatch. Garmin watches start from $150 to over $1000. Gramin Tactix Delta is one of the most expensive smartwatches. I also write an interesting review on Garmin Tactix Delta.

Anyway, here we only discuss the best square smartwatch. Garmin gives you a lot of round shapes and tactical smartwatches. But Garmin Venu has fortunately square shape design. That gives you an amazing feeling. I also recommend this smartwatch to women, the best choice for them.


Unlike all other smartwatches, Garmin Venu comes with multiple features among them few are premium and special. Like is will monitor your body energy level so you can find a suitable time for your rest.

The second premium feature here is Hydration tracking, you can set your water intake goal. And whenever you are out of your track and un hydrated the smartwatch will remind you to drink some water. Plus here you will also get GPS, that sounds so cool!!!

Another premium feature is Respiration tracking, I saw this feature is normally found in above $400 smartwatches. Luckily Garmin Venu also gives you this precious feature that allows monitoring your breath and oxygen level in your lungs.

I strongly recommend Garmin Venu to females because this smartwatch also gives you a feature to measure the physical menstrual cycle. Along with these special features it also gives you stress tracking, Pulse OX, mindful breath, advanced sleep-tracking, preloaded workouts, and Garmin Coach.

With all these features this smartwatch gives you an average of 6 days of battery life on normal use. There are a lot more things to explore in this wearable.

  • Light Weight and beautiful design
  • Best smartwatch for women
  • High Accuracy
  • Fully waterproof
  • No Altimeter
  • No Speaker

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High-End square Smartwatches

Now it’s time to discuss some beast that is premium and gives you all those things that you get from a professional fitness trainer. If you have some extra budget then definitely you can go with a Hight-End smartwatch.

Fitbit Sense

I don’t tell you about some $1000 smartwatch, I just tell you a reality. Fitbit sense is an ultimate premium smartwatch a very famous and highly positive rated watch. You will get an extra feature here that the $700 smartwatch offers you.

I personally like its small and professional-looking dial. With build-in Alexa you don’t need to do anything manually. Just ask Alexa to set your workouts and different exercises, this is a loving feature in Fitbit Sense.


Now definitely this smartwatch has normal fitness features like heart rate monitor, steps counter, calories counter, sleep tracking, etc. But what is special and what is a premium here? I know you are too much curious to know about special features.

Well, one of my favorite feature in this smartwatch is EDA Scap app that detects and sense electrodermal activity that incites your body’s stress level. There is ECG app that helps you to easily measures your heart rhythm and fluctuations. You can also share results with your doctor because this watch gives you accurate results.

In addition, you will also get skin temperature measuring features and smart sleep tracking features. Definitely, this High-end square dial smartwatch gives you GPS for routing and measuring tracks. I really appreciate the developer of its app, it’s incredible and gives you deep analysis via graphs and animated pictures.

On a single charge, this square dial smartwatch gives you 7 days of battery life and 12 hours on continuous use of GPS.

  • Bright and real color display
  • ECG app and stress management feature
  • Have Amazon Alexa, Fitbit pay, and Spotify
  • Highly accurate and precuse
  • Little Expensive
  • Difficult to use as a beginner

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Final Words

I hope now you will find the best square smartwatch for your wrist. All these smartwatches mention above are branded. I already told you brand matters so forgetting something good you must pay for it. I suggest buying mid-range of smartwatches because they come with all the necessary features that you require for fitness.

But In case if you have some extra budget then you can go with Fitbit sense. Or if you need some extra features and functions Fitnbit sens is the best option for you which is under $3000. This smartwatch also has a well working and a fast GPS system.

I don’t mention more expensive smartwatches but if you want to buy some rugged and hard design smartwatches then visit here.

Note: If you buy any smartwatch from my affiliate link I will get some small commission that helps me to make some pocket money for me and my family. 

Mid Range

Amazfit GTS 2

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Garmin Venu Sq,

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Amazfit GTS 2e

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High End

Fitbit Sense

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Why rectangular smartwatches are best?

Because they gives more elegant and attractive look.

Which one is best rectangular watch?

Fitbit versa 3 and Amazfit GTS 2 is best. You can also go with Fitbit sense if you have budget

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