9 Best Michael Kors Smartwatch Bands

Michael Kors is an American brand known for its stylish and luxury handbags, watches, shoes, and cloth collection; this brand has a strong grip overturning the design to its extremest beauty that’s why Michael Kors smartwatches are very famous. 

The Michael Kors smartwatches offer luxury design and allow you to customize the watch bands according to your outfit and lifestyle. That’s why you will get dozens of different bands that you can interchange with your Michael Kors smartwatch. 

It isn’t easy to find the genuine Michael Kors smartwatch brand in the market. That’s why we have done deep research and found some of the most comfortable bands that you can use with your Michael Kors smartwatch.  

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Best Michael Kors Smartwatch Bands

1- GadgetWraps 22mm Silicone Watch Band

Michael Kors Smartwatch Band 

If your concern is comfort, then GadgetWraps 22mm band is the best option for you. This smartwatch band is available in different colors to match your outfit, so you can easily choose the best one. Plus, this watch band comes in various sizes, so you pick the best one that sits on your wrist. 

Installing this strap on your Michael Kors smartwatch is pretty easy; it comes with a quick-release pin for easy insulation. You have to pull the pin backwards and when it comes to the proper place, then release it. 

Sports or outdoor enthusiasts can also use this strap; it can be used in touch environments because of its durability. But light colors might get dirty earlier in outdoor environments. The band is so smooth that you can wear it throughout your whole day without feeling any stress on your wrist. 

  • Very smooth and comfortable
  • Water and sweatproof
  • Easy installation
  • The strap may get dirty quickly.

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2- TRUMiRR Band


A TRUMiRR band is a perfect option for creative people. It has more elegant beauty. Especially such straps look good on women’s wrists. 

This mesh is made from premium stainless steel with a fine polish. The extra shine on the TRUMiRR band attracts every eye. This one also comes in four different colors; Rose gold, black, gold, and silver. 

You might have such mesh bands pull your wrist hairs, but this is not the case for the TRUMiRR band; it feels like a fluid on your wrist. Apart from its beauty, it’s also durable and breathable. 

Whether using this strap for a simple or formal routine, it looks perfect with every outfit. 

Another plus point in the TRUMiRR band is that you can easily make it smaller to fit your wrists. With this watch band, you will also get a needle that helps you resize the band, which is an easy DIY task and doesn’t need any tools. 

  • Durable 
  • Stylish looking best for every outfit
  • Resizable 
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Not much comfortable as compared to Silicon straps.

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3- Barton Alligator Grain Strap

 Barton Alligator Grain Strap

Most people, including me, like to wear leather straps to give a bold look. Barton Alligator grain strap built with heavy-duty leather comes with alligator styling. 

The band is available in different colors options, plus there are also different sizes available so you can perfectly fit these bands into your Michael Kors smartwatch. 

Like previous bands, Barton Alligator also offers quick release spring pins that allow you to install straps quickly. 

Overall the band looks pretty durable and has 5mm thickness near spring and 3mm thickness near holes. The band gets more comfortable over time and gives a more luxurious feel. 

If you are a swimmer or involved in any other water activity, we don’t recommend you purchase this leather strap. Water makes the band much softer, and it will start cracking after some time.

  • Comfortable and best for whole day wear
  • Durable 
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Easy to wear and install
  • Not much waterproof.

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4- TURMiRR Watch Band


Here comes another TURMiRR band specifically designed for stylish Michael Kors smartwatches. The watch band is made with polished stainless steel and a sleek design. This strap is crafted with rhinestone diamonds that attract every eye to increase beauty.

Because of its luxurious look, you can use this strap for different parties, functions, weddings etc. Also, it’s not a bad idea to use this band for daily routine. 

Usually, people think such stainless steel bands cause skin allergies, but this one doesn’t have a cheap metal alloy that causes skin allergy. It feels comfortable on your wrist and looks like a jewellery bracelet. 

This watch band is made of 6 hand detachable jewellery folding clasps, so you can easily resize the strap according to your wrist size.

Note: This Michael Kors band is not suitable for men; it is only designed to fulfil the needs of women. 

  •  Easy to install 
  • Very stylish looking 
  • Premium quality stainless steel
  • Allergy-free
  • Not suitable to wear all the time

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5- Scrunchies Watch Band

 Scrunchies Watch Band

This one is the best Michael Kors smartwatch band that gives a unique feel. Scrunchies watchband is different from all other watch bands. It gives the feel of a bracelet on your wrist. 

Overall this fabric band is soft and has bold, vivid patterns that match every style and outfit. This band is available in different colors so you can choose the best one for your wrist.

There are only two sizes available; small and medium, as this band is self-adjustable, so you don’t need to worry about its size. 

Scrunchies watch bands last for a longer time because this band is made from fabric that doesn’t damage or cause discolouration.

Because the band has polyester and cotton fabrics, it is washable and breathable. You can use this band throughout your whole day, especially if it will feel comfortable even at night. 

Sweat absorbing quality makes Scrunchies watch band more valuable, so whether you are purchasing it for sports or a daily outfit, it’s the best option. 

  • Comfortable 
  • Self-adjustable
  • Different colors available
  • Looks more fashionable
  • Sometimes the band stretched out from the weight of the watch.

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6- Barton Quick Release Leather Watch Band

  Barton Quick Release Leather Watch Band

Finding an original leather watch strap is difficult, but the Barton leather strap makes it easy for you to get a pure grain leather strap. This breathable watchband perfectly matches Michael kors smartwatches (16mm – 24mm). 

The various color options allow you to get your favourite color band that matches your style easily. For installation, quick release spring comes with most of the smartwatches bands. 

To give you a more comfortable experience, its underside surface is very smooth and feels like cream on your wrist. 

Overall this is a good watchband, but the problem is leather bands are not a good option for water. Although these bands are water-resistant, water causes cracks on them. So if you are a swimmer, we don’t recommend the Barton Quick Release band. 

  • High-Quality leather
  • Perfect for every style and outfit
  • The underside is very smooth
  • Feels more comfortable and premium
  • Not recommended for water activities

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7- Blueshaw Jewelry Metal Band

 Blueshaw Jewelry Metal Band

Suppose you love to wear stylish Jewellery, then this Blueshaw band can make your wrist more attractive. This band is specially designed for Michael Kors Access Sofie Touchscreen Smartwatch. 

The polish stainless steel makes your Michael kors watch more valuable; small cutting diamonds are crafted on the band, which is a plus point. Thanks to its higher design that looks more comfortable. 

Installing the Blueshaw Jewellery band is different from other watch brands. You can follow the guidebook to install this band properly

The color of this band may start adding with time when you use it for water activities. Overall this watch band is good, but it doesn’t offer other colors options and sizes, so it isn’t easy to choose. Only if you have an Access Sofie Smartwatch, then it might be a good option for you.

  • Shining diamonds look very beautiful
  • Comfortable 
  • Easy to wear 
  • Budget-friendly stainless steel band
  • Only one color option is available.

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7- ECSEM Wristbands


Silicon bands are the best option for everyone and every style. Unlike leather straps, silicon band quality is not affected by water activities. ECSEM wristbands offer a durable nature with a stylish texture. The band never fad or cause discoloration, even if you use it for hard outdoor environments.

Although these silicon bands may get dirty earlier, this one is easy to clean. For easy installation, quick fit pins make it easy for you to install the band. 

The holes in the strap make it sweatproof and breathable so that you can wear the strap throughout your whole day. Another good thing about this Silicon band is its smooth underside surface, giving a premium feel. 

ECSEM wristband is compatible with Michael Kors Women’s Access watch, Sofie HR, Runway smartwatch, and other such smartwatches having 18mm width. 

  • Inexpensive
  • Best for all styles
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable from underside
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Not many color options are available 
  • Less compatibility

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8- Michael Kors Women’s Interchange Watch Bands


These trendy Michael Kors smartwatch bands are made with genius animal leather. If you want to try something new and special, these MK bands might attract you. 

Besides, it’s a very durable watch band, with waterproof nature, so you can use this band while swimming. Although this band is pretty pricey compared to others, it is more comfortable and reboots the band on the list. 

This MK band comes with a single prong strap buckle that can easily be tied. Because of the mixed color tune, this band is compatible with every style and outfit. 

  • Very durable 
  • Waterproof
  • Give unique feel
  • Made with genius animal leather
  • Expensive
  • Available in just one color

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9- Diorite Watch Band


Another excellent option for multi-purpose use is Diorite Watchband, and it’s compatible with all Michael Kors smartwatches having 22mm width. Besides matching with any outfit, this band comfortably sits on every wrist. 

Moreover, the Diorite Silicon band is made with high-quality Silicon that feels very soft, and you can use this watch band for your whole day without feeling any stress on your wrist. The sweatproof nature of this band makes it perfect for athletes or people who are involved in outdoor activities. 

This lightweight Silicon band seems more flexible and long-lasting. We strongly recommend the Diorite watch band if you have a bigger wrist.

  • Very flexible
  • Smooth and more comfortable
  • Lightweight 
  • Breathable
  • Only one color option is available 

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All the Micheal mentioned above Kors smartwatch bands fit easily on every wrist. Now It’s up to you which wristband you want to buy. 

Leather watch bands are perfect options for everyday routine, sports and outdoor activities; we recommend silicone bands that are waterproof and durable. 

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