13 Best Men’s Watches With Numbers in 2022

Men’s wristwatches are among the most standout pieces in their wardrobes. Besides their wedding rings and class rings, it’s also one of the few ways many men can genuinely express themselves. 

A number watch gives a very different feel compared to the digital watch. Especially for formal lifestyle, number watches add more value to your personality. 

But it’s not an easy job to find a perfect watch having numbers. That’s why we have to spend a lot of time in research and compiled a list of 13 best men’s watches numbers, and each watch has various dial shapes and price ranges.

Note: We have deeply tested and review every watch, so you can choose any watch with confidence.

In A Hurry! Here Are Our Top Picks…

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  13 Best Men’s Watches With  Numbers in 2022

1- Timex Men’s Leather Strap Watch

Mens watches with numbers on the face 

Product Specifications

Brand: Timex

Band Color: Black

Dial color: White

Shape: Round

Band Material: Leather

Weight: 1.28 Ounces

The Timex Easy Reader has only been around since 1977, but it’s timeless and easy to understand, and it’s hard to imagine a pre-existing era. Easy Reader is similar to a classroom clock and takes longer than an educational cousin (replaced by a digital clock).

The case of his Timex watch is made of plated low-lead brass. You may want to buy something made from more expensive materials. That might not be possible today. Skin wears and scratches appear on the hairline.

The case is one of the areas where the watch looks cheap. Also, a flat, black, dull square stick hand is as far away from Breguet’s hands as possible without masking tape.

The Timex Easy Reader dial comes in various colors, but they are not there. The cheapest white watch face looks like it’s made from copy paper. While the Timex Easy Reader is not a Grand Seiko stampless, Timex’s white electroluminescent Indiglo dial has a fine-grained texture reminiscent of engraved glass and a subtle metallic luster.

The Timex Easy Reader is the perfect watch for men who can read an analog watch.

2- Casio Men’s G-Shock Quartz Watch


Product Specifications

Brand: Casio

Display Type: Digital

Clasp: Buckle

Band Material: Plastic

Band size:  9 Inches

Band Color: Black

Dial color: Digital-Gray

weight: 1.87 Ounces

Today, Casio focuses on solar-powered, wireless-controlled watches. The built-in solar cell eliminates the hassle of replacing batteries, meaning that the user does not need to reset the time when using atomic timekeeping.

Casio recently released a series of Bluetooth watches that automatically update the time in sync with your mobile phone. Casio always goes forward in time.

Casio’s G-Shock Classic digital watch is designed with shock resistance for your most vigorous sporting activities.

The durable rectangular black watch case measures 45 mm (1.77 inches) wide and is matched with a comfortable black resin sports strap.

It includes a stopwatch feature that can measure 1/100th of a second for the first 60 minutes (1 second after 60 minutes), elapsed time mode, split time mode, and 1st to 2nd order. Time.

 It also has a 24-hour countdown timer. Other timekeeping features include multi-function alarms, time signals (which can be turned off), and 12/24 hour formats.

This watch features an automatic calendar (pre-programmed to 2039), and accuracy of ± 15 seconds per month, after-daylight illumination, and water resistance to 200 meters (660 feet). It can withstand the rigors of recreational scuba diving. 

3- Seiko 5 automatic stainless steel watch

Men's watches with numbers 

Product Specifications:

Brand: SEIKO

Shape: Round

Clasp:  Buckle

Band Material: Nylon

Band size: 9.5 inches

Band Color: Black

Dial color: Black

Weight: 2.12 Ounces

A stylish timepiece with automatic movement, the Seiko 5 Men’s Automatic Black Strap Black Dial Watch is a stylish timepiece that is easy to wear.

A black dial is beautifully designed and features white Arabic numbers in an inner circle and minute markers in an outer circle. Small bar indexes surround the dial on an outside minute track.

The stainless steel bracelet uses a modern design with comprehensive links covering the entire width. Speaking of width, this is a slightly narrower band at 18mm. So if you’re planning on purchasing a replacement tape, your options will be somewhat limited compared to the more common sizes.

It is a mechanical watch that is self-winding. Self-winding watches do not run on batteries. Instead, the movement of the user’s arm automatically powers it. If the royal fern of the self-winding watch is not fully wound, the timekeeping accuracy may suffer.

To maintain accuracy, wear the watch for at least 8 hours a day, or turn the crown to wind the fern by hand. When not in use, the automatic watch can be charged with the automatic watch winder (watch storage unit sold separately).

4- Timex Unisex Weekender 38mm Watch

Product Specifications:

Brand:  Timex

Shape: Round

Display Type: Analog

Band Material: Fabric

Band size: Unisex

Bandwidth: 20 millimeters

Band Color: Green

Dial color:  Cream

weight: 1.6 Ounces

There are some reasons why the Timex Weekender 38 is so pretty and men’s watches with numbers. The case is made from brass, and it has a silvery finish.

The dial is matte black and large Arabic numerals in a meaningless font. Military time is recorded in a small number of concentric inner circles.

In addition to the silver hour and minute hands, the second-hand red sweeps in 1-second increments. This is an actual “grab and goes” watch because the dial is readable and has no date window.

With a 38mm diameter, the case satisfies Goldilocks and is a charming point in terms of size. In a sense, the larger dial makes the case look bigger than it is.

The Weekender 38 keeps accurate time with a battery-powered quartz movement. The movement contains a small crystal that vibrates at the measured frequency when exposed to the current supplied by the battery.

It is good that the battery inside this movement is huge since you will be addicted to releasing the Indiglo button.

5- Citizen Eco-Drive- BM8180-03


Product Specifications

Brand: Citizen

Band Material: Nylon

Band size: 7.5 inches

Band width:  18 millimeters

Band Color: Green

Dial color: Black

Weight: 7.2 Ounces

The Citizen Eco-Drive case is stainless steel but is all attached to the wrist with nylon straps. Window covers are made of minerals, not scratch-resistant, but they can withstand some abuse. In general, the watch seems to be made for the outdoors.

Citizen has been a respected brand for over 100 years. Japanese watchmakers are known for their high-quality watches. Also, we manufacture all of our components in-house, so we are serious about the quality we provide.

The reason why this watch is included in the list is because of its innovative eco-driving technology. This technology converts any natural or artificial light into electrical energy. This energy is permanently stored in a rechargeable power cell. This continuous cycle means that the battery does not need to be charged.

In addition to all these, the watch has a very minimalist design on the dial surface. This is ideal for more toned clothes and more delicate watches.

6- Seiko Men’s SNN241 watch

watches with number faces 

Product Specifications

Brand: SEIKO

Band Material: Leather

Band size: Men’s Standard

Band width: 22 millimeters

Band Color: Brown

Dial color: Brown

Weight: 2.89 Ounces

There is a 42mm stainless steel case and a thin leather strap. In addition, the window cover is made of a very durable hardlex crystal.

An elegant brown watch with a white dial goes well with most outfits. In addition, the Japanese quartz movement is as reliable and accurate as watches in this price range.

Looking at the chronograph, activity can be tracked for 60 minutes, and there are two sub-dials. There is also a 6-hour time stamp on the date display. Also, the watch is waterproof up to 100 meters.


7- Momentum Men’s M50 Wristwatch


Product Specifications

Brand: Momentum

Band Material: Stainless Steel

Band size: Mens-Long

Band width: 22 millimeters

Band Color: Silver

Dial color: Black

Display Type: Analog

Weight: 4.96 Ounces

The Momentum M50 series is a highly durable watch as military operations inspire it. A stainless steel 44 mm case is used, and the band is made of thick rubber, stainless steel, or nylon. The window cover is made of very durable synthetic sapphire, making this watch suitable for almost all sports and outdoor activities.

Momentum is a little weird on the list, but I want to add that’s the watch. Firstly, all M50 series offers an extensive range of watches in terms of materials and colors. All watches have a number on their surface.

An automated version of the classic M50, the M30 has the same durability, accuracy, and longevity as its quartz cousin.

The standard sapphire crystal, swirling wind action twisting with movement, and the 300M/990FT’s waterproofness makes the M30 a jackpot in any industry.

In addition to its versatile appearance, the watch structure is also quite robust. It is water-resistant to 500 meters, the window cover is virtually scratch-free, and the watch has 8-10 years of battery life.

Finally, the watch is equipped with an exact Japanese quartz movement. In addition, the watch face and hands emit light, so you can check the time even if it’s very dark outside.

8- Hamilton Khaki X-Wind


Product Specifications

Bran: Hamilton

Band Material: Rubber

Band width: 22 millimeters

Band Color: Black

Dial color: Black

Calendar: Date

Weight: 4.96 Ounces

Hamilton was praised for developing the first field watch that made it easier to see the time (compared to using a pocket watch) when navigating between the ditch and the foxhole. This modern version features a fabric-like textured silicone strap and a PVD-coated stainless steel case.

It is a reliable, robust, and long-lasting mechanical movement perfect for this type of military watch. Since the Swatch Group owns Hamilton, it’s no surprise that Hamilton uses the ETA move and owns ETA.


9- Hamilton Khaki Field Brown


Product Specifications

Brand: Hamilton

Shape: Round

Band Material:  Nato

Band width: 20 millimeters

Band Color:  Khaki

Dial color: Brown

Bezel material: Fixed

Item weight: 80 grams

The Hamilton Khaki Field H69429901, like other Hamilton’s Khaki Field collections, is inspired by the brand’s vintage military field watches.

Upon closer examination, you’ll be able to recognize most of their design features. It turns out to be a very obvious, classic, and traditional design. At the same time, it proves to be truly timeless.

The lugs have a very aggressive shape and are almost rectangular with sharp edges. Lugs are perforated, so straps are straightforward to adjust and replace.

The 38mm diameter is traditionally associated with the small sizes of vintage watches and is suitable for medium to small wrists. However, the relatively long lugs wear the watch a bit more.

The length between the shoes of the watch is 47 mm. This combination of a relatively long handle length and a slim, small case creates a watch that looks great on your wrist without being bulky or clumsy.

The downside of this watch is that it doesn’t have a crystalline anti-reflective coating. This can cause glare. But it’s also great to have a sapphire crystal on this watch, as some watches in this price range might choose mineral glass. The crystals are slightly domed for a vintage look.

10- Hamilton Men’s H64455533


Product Specifications

Brand: SEIKO

Shape: Round

Case material: Stainless Steel

Case Thickness: 10.5 millimeters

Band Material: Leather

Bandwidth: 19 millimeters

Band Color: Brown

Dial color: Beige

weight: 1.34 Ounces

This watch has a high-quality leather strap, which applies to the 40mm stainless steel case. The window cover is made of sapphire crystal.

The watch costs more than the rest, but Hamilton is famous for backing it. Almost a century ago, this Swiss/American brand began producing watches.

Hamilton watches have a classic, elegant design suitable for many casual and slightly less casual occasions. This watch uses a self-winding movement, so you don’t have to wind it yourself. The watch also displays the correct day and date at the top of the dial.


11- SEIKO Men’s SNDC31


Product Specifications

Brand: SEIKO
Shape: Round

Case material: Stainless Steel

Case Thickness: 10.5 millimeters

Band Material: Leather

Bandwidth: 19 millimeters

Band Color: Brown

Dial color: Beige

weight: 1.34 Ounces

The watch is made of a 38 mm polished stainless steel case. A Hardlex crystal covers the window, which provides excellent scratch resistance for this watch. Finally, with a buckle leather alligator embossed strap, everything is attached to the wrist.

I think it’s one of the more stylish men’s watches with numbers on the dial. A very delicate combination of leather strap and cream dial. Also, the black numbers are simple but very stylish.

The quartz movement of this watch is exact and requires very little maintenance. Getting to know Seiko, everything is put together with great care. This is a clock adds a touch of elegance to the entire watch. After all, you can get a high-quality watch for a very affordable price.

12- Seiko Men’s SNKN37 Watch



Product Specifications

Brand: SEIKO

Shape: Square

Case material: Stainless Steel

Case diameter: 43.5 millimeters

Case Thickness: 11.4 millimeters

Band Material: Leather

Band size: Men’s Standard

Band width: 24 millimeters

Band Color: Brown

Dial color: Blue

Most watches in this price range use leather for the strap and durable stainless steel for the 43.5mm case. Window covers are made of Hardlex, an excellent scratch-resistant material.

Seiko makes excellent watches in this price range, and many watches once had numbers on the surface. So I need to include them.

This watch is for those who want something a little more eye-catching. The blue dial and brown leather strap are a great combination. Additionally, the watches look great in a variety of casual outfits.

The movement used by this watch is the so-called self-winding movement. This means that the natural movements of the wearer routinely drive the watch.

13- Wenger Men’s Analog Swiss Quartz Watch


Product Specifications

Brand: Wenger

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Case Diameter: 42 millimetres

Case Thickness: 9 millimetres

Band Material: Stainless Steel

Band size: Men’s standard

Band Width: 22 millimetres

Band Color: Silver

Dial Color: Black

Weigh: 127 Grams

Stainless steel is used for the 42mm case and bracelet. The window cover is made of sapphire-coated minerals, so you can hit it without damaging it.

Only two Swiss companies offer the Swiss army famous knives. These companies are Victorinox and Wenger. Both of these brands make excellent, affordable watches.

Like the Swiss Army Knife, Wenger watches are functional, stylish, and flexible. First, all watches are equipped with a quartz movement, making them more precise than self-winding movements. Also, this is a day-date clock that displays the correct day and date and the time.

Moreover, the watch is waterproof and has luminous hands so that nighttime won’t be a problem at all. The price is also very reasonable.

Buying Guides on Best Men’s Watches With Numbers

Now you have decided the best men’s watches with numbers you want to buy from Amazon.

Due to the number of sellers and options, it can be challenging to decide which item to add to the cart. The best product can be chosen based on a variety of factors, such as:


Another determining factor when buying numbered men’s watches is the brand. Well-known brand watches may be more expensive than lesser-known brands because the quality of the product is known and reliable.

Brands can make a big difference in durability, efficiency, and quality, depending on the product you need.

Types of watch

“Analogue” means an old-fashioned clock that makes a clicking sound with your hands. It’s still the most stylish option, and if you need something you can wear for both casual and intelligent days, you don’t need one.

However, a few watches combine analog and digital displays for the best of both worlds. Some of these look edgy enough to be worn with a suit.

Type Of Strap

Choose a slim, sleek, plain leather watch strap, or go for a chunky matte leather strap.

Summer makes leather hot and will damage it. If you choose a leather strap, you’ll want to switch it out for a mesh or nylon strap.

Watch Services

You should also consider how long you will use the best men’s watches with numbers. Check the product description to see how long the numbered men’s watch can be used in total capacity and whether it needs to be repaired or replaced later.

Compare this period and ask yourself if it’s worth the purchase or if you can get a more expensive one that lasts longer.

Product specifications matter

It is also important to understand the specifications of the product before purchasing. Knowing the features ahead of time can help you avoid disappointment when receiving your product.

You can check other reviews online or ask those who use men’s watches with numbers on social media to get the best reviews.


Watches with a quartz movement and minimal complications are usually the cheapest. They cost between $50 and $200.

Both Citizen and Seiko watch for men are pretty affordable. The timepieces you will find in this category are mass-produced, so you won’t enjoy the exclusivity that comes with a high-end timepiece.


Q1- Is it worth it to buy a luxury men’s watch?

If you are looking for a quality watch, yes, an expensive watch is worth it. Better watches are made from high-quality materials and precisely engineered to strict standards. It also usually comes with a warranty and service plan.

Q2- How heavy is a watch considered?

My heaviest watch is about 230 grams and 250 grams (I remember, the Rolex Submariner is about 140 grams). My current daily watch bag weighs about 100 grams. But the biggest thing is the “balance” of the wristwatch.

Q3- Is it better to wear heavier watches?

It’s good to be heavy. It’s reliable. A watch comprises complex parts and pieces that take up a lot of space and weight.

Final words

Let’s hope so! You can spend a little more on high-quality and well-built watches without worrying about insurance or future resale value if you get one of the Best Men’s Watches With Numbers. It’s the fun part about investment buying without the burdens!

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