7 Best Garmin Watches For Cycling (Accurate GPS)

Choosing a Garmin Watch for cycling is a perfect decision because the Garmin watch will provide all the crucial features to track your cycling.

I have seen most professional cyclists use Garmin watches because of their insane capabilities. 

So if you are a cyclist and want to track your activity in a next-level way, you should read this article till the end. We have collected 7 superb Garmin watches for you. 

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Best Garmin Watches For Cycling

  • Garmin Forerunner 745
  • Garmin Enduro
  • Garmin Fenix 6
  • Garmin Forerunner 245
  • Garmin Vivoactive 4S

Garmin Forerunner 745

Best garmin watch for cycling

For cycling and running purposes, this watch beats every other Forerunner member. You will get all the crucial features plus some of the most premium features. 

Forerunner 745 comes with a Race predictor, VO2 max, training status, training load, performance condition, cycling power, running dynamics, built-in GPS, and more features. All these features make this watch the best Cycling watch.

Apart from this, I have noticed that this is pretty comfortable but highly durable watch to face harsh environments. You can also track underwater activities with this device.

garmin watche for cyclist

How Forerunner 745 is Best for Cycling?

We have found some of the unique and special features in this watch that make it more worthy. Firstly there are Cycling dynamics that make your cycling more effective on a day-by-day basis.

You can also connect this watch with Garmins Bike Computer, which helps you see the routes, speed, distance, pace, etc.

Apart from this, there is a running dynamics feature that you can also use during cycling. It calculates all your physical aspects during an activity like VO2 Max, performance, training load, heat, anaerobic health, HRV stress, EPOC, pace, and more.

You can also set your goals via Garmin Coach, and it will help you achieve your destination. After a particular activity, you can deeply analyze it in your Garmin phone app, showing every aspect deeply.

The GPS in Forerunner 745 is insane, and it has a Multi-GNSS that allows you to track your routes even in a more challenging environment. The fast and accurate GPS promises to give the best experience for its users.

With this watch, you can track your journey more safely, as it offers Safety tracking feature. If you meet an incident, watch senses and immediately send a notification (With Location) to your emergency contacts.

In A Nutshell

Overall, Garmin Forerunner 745 is the best watch for cycling, and it comes with more advanced features available in Garmin’s High-end watches. As for the battery, it offers one week of long-lasting battery.

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable watch
  • Accurate sensors
  • VO2 max indicator
  • More cycling features
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t work with all apps

Garmin Enduro

garmin smartwatch for cycling

Here comes the unique Garmin Multi-sports watch, which is best for outdoor adventure and cycling. A few weeks ago, we tested this smartwatch, and it’s insane capabilities surprised us.

It comes with a highly durable body built with DLC Titanium, a black ultra-fit Nylon band. Overall the watch is comfortable and feels rugged. Enduro passes the 12 Grade Military Standard test for thermal shock, heat resistance, and water has a 100-meter water rating.

Most of the feature in this Garmin watch is very useful including;

  • Power Manager
  • Trail Run VO2 Max
  • Ultrarun
  • ClimbPro feature
  • MTB Dynamics
  • Performance Metrics
  • Recovery Advisor
  • heat and Altitude acclimation
  • Multi-GNSS support
  • Pace
  • Backcountry Ski
  • Surf-Ready features

These are just its premium features, but it has a variety of general fitness tracking features that allow you to effectively track your daily health.

If you are a real fitness lover and a cyclist, then Garmin Enduro is a diamond piece for you.

With its latest ClimPro features, you are now able to track your mountain bike ride and a lot of other performance metrics. During cycling, it tracks your hydration needs and notifies you when you need water.

cycling watches

Ultra-Fast Navigation System

The best thing that we have noticed in Enduro is its super fast and efficient GPS; even if you are in a deserted area, it will show fast and accurate results. It is based on a Multi Global Navigation System that captures data from multiple satellites instead of using just one.

Extra Long Solar Battery

Enduro offers next level solar battery technology that beats every Garmin watch in battery performance.

It gives you 65 days of ultra-long battery time in smartwatch mode, 80 hours in GPS mode, and 300 hours in max battery mode. So you can track your abilities for an extended period without taking any stress about battery life.

In a Nutshell

Garmin Enduro is packed with unique, and premium features, the most exciting thing here is its long battery life. Along with a durable body, the watch looks more sexy and comfortable.

  • Premium titanium design
  • 10 ATM water-resistant
  • Multisport GPS smartwatch
  • Dozens of Premium features
  • Pulse OX sensor onboard
  • NFC and ABC sensors
  • Lacks TOPo maps
  • Expensive
  • Lacks Music storage

Garmin Fenix 6

garmin watches for cycling

The Fenix series is the family of accurate fitness trackers, and Fenix 6 sits at the top of its family. This premium Garmin member has insane capabilities and features to track your daily activities.

From cycling to running, and swimming to hiking, this watch never leaves you alone. It comes with an advanced preloaded sports apps that automatically starts tracking your cycling. 

The watch back side and bezels are coated in stainless steel, titanium, or dominated-like carbon (DLD). This strong polymer makes Fenix 6 extraordinarily durable and rugged.

Best Sports Watch For Cycling

Because of some advanced features, this is the best Garmin watch for cycling. It comes with TOPO maps, round trip routing, and a Turn by Turn Navigation system that makes your cycling journey more accessible and practical.

The full color maps are pretty healful that show in-depth routes with names.

During your cycling, it measures your VOX max, hydration, calorie burned, and aerobic health. You can also set goals using the Garmin Connect app, and it perfectly tracks your distance, speed, pace, and other fitness metrics.

Unlike Garmin Enduro, Fenix 6 has built-in storage for music where you can store 2,000+ songs and listen through headphones via Bluetooth technology. 

Premium Features

Just like other Garmin watch, this precious Garmin member also comes with a variety of premium features, including;

  • MTB Dynamics
  • Surf-Ready Features
  • Animated Workouts
  • Wrist-Based heart rate
  • Body Battery energy monitor
  • Advance Sleep monitoring
  • Performance Metrics
  • Hydration Tracking
  • PacePro
  • Power Manager
  • ClimbPro feature
  • Expedition Mode
  • Recovery time

Garmin Fenix 6 lasts for 16 days in smartwatch mode. In GPS mode, it lasts for 36 hours.

In a NutShell

If you want an actual fitness tracking watch, then Garmin Fenix 6 is the best option for you as it offers all the useful features for cycling. I love its TOPO maps and overall Navigation system. The watch tells accurate results and measures every activity more deeply.

  • Accurate and detailed activity tracking
  • Durable design
  • Excellent battery life
  • Topo Maps
  • Comfortable watch
  • Can’t be beaten for outdoor tracking
  • Not many new feature over Fenix 5 Plus
  • Little bulky

Garmin Forerunner 245

Looking for an affordable Garmin watch with all the crucial features, Forerunner 245 is the best watch. This Forerunner family member is very famous among athletes, runners, and cyclists.

Because of its lightweight, it feels more comfortable on every wrist. There is a 1.2″ medium size dial that comes with brighter colors and helps you easily read the dial under direct sunlight. 

Like Garmin Enduro, Forerunner 245 is also packed with a dozen features that track your every physical activity.

If you have a genuine enthusiasm for sports and cycling, then you can make this watch your best companion. This watch will support you and motivate you to effectively achieve your destination during your whole cycling journey.

Why I love Forerunner 245

Thanks to Garmin, which adds many premium features in Forerunner 245, you will get such features that are only found in Garmin’s High end wear. Such unique features in this mid-range smartwatch make it more worthy.

I have reviewed many Garmin watches, but here I have found a special “Intensity Minute” feature. After checking this feature, we have noticed that it’s similar to the Fitbit Active Zone Minute feature. This feature allows you to earn intensity minutes. The more minutes you earn, the more will be your performance.

This GPS watches storage music so that you can enjoy tracks during your exercise.

For a fitness lover, this watch offers dozen of features, including;

  • Daily suggested workouts
  • Built-in sports app
  • NFC
  • Running Dynamics
  • VO2 Max
  • Plus OX
  • Recovery Time
  • Intensity Minutes
  • Women Health Tracking
  • Body Battery Energy Monitoring 
  • Live Tracking
  • Safety Features

In a Nutshell

This Garmin Mid-range watch is pretty cool concerning the budget and all features. You will get all the crucial and valuable features under one umbrella. But I am a real fan of its stylish look that feels more comfortable and premium.

  • Light-weight
  • Stylish look
  • 3rd party app sync
  • Customizable features
  • Excellent battery time
  • Best for cycling
  • Fewer watch faces
  • Blutooth connectivity issue

Garmin Vivoactive 4s

Here comes the flagship of the Vivoactive family; this watch is selling like a hotcake. This multi-sports watch comes with Garmin Chroma Display technology that makes it readable under direct sunlight. The Gorilla Glass 3 makes Vivoactive 4s much more durable to face any harsh environment.

Because of the advanced sensors, Vivoactive 4s also tracks your high-intensity exercises, including GYM. Most of its results are highly accurate and give you the confidence to move forward.

How Vivoactive 4 is Best For Cycling?

The main point is how Vivoactive 4s is best for cycling? This watch comes with 20+ preloaded GPS sports modes, including cycling, that track your activity more precisely.

It tracks your VO2 Max performance, calories burned, heart health, and aerobic performance. If your performance is below the average, it will suggest some tips to increase your performance and achieve your goal.

Unlike other Garmin watches, we have found that Vivoactive 4s offers stress tracking features (this feature is not found in the Forerunner series).

So the watch, whenever you are feeling down or stressed, will automatically sense it and notifies you. Also, it will suggest some mindfulness exercises to lower stress.

Under the hood, a live tracking feature allows you to chase your companion or friends during cycling. So you can easily find out their live location on your wrist. 

In a Nutshell

Garmin Vivoactive 4s is the latest multisport watch that offers all the valuable features, but still, it lacks few features like Running dynamics, pace, etc. If you need an easy to use and straightforward cycling watch, then Vivoactive 4s is the bet for you.

  • Stylish design
  • Offline music support
  • Durable and reboust design
  • Accurate GPS
  • Live tracking and safety features
  • Lacks some premium activity tracking features

Garmin Forerunner 945

Another smartwatch from Garmin that you might want to choose for your cycling activities is the Garmin Forerunner 945. It is a well-designed watch with all of its components working in harmony. 

The watch comes with a polymer case having a Gorilla Glass DX lens for improved protection. Furthermore, like all other Garmin watches, the Forerunner 945 is designed to last and is water-resistant to 5 ATMs.

The Forerunner 945 features full-color onboard maps for quick navigation. Because of the vivid display, navigation is simple, and there are numerous customization choices.

It possesses a ClimbPro feature that gives you real-time information on your recent and impending climbs. Furthermore, the Garmin Coach feature on the Forerunner 945 provides training routines based on your goals.

This watch also includes some of the most advanced features for fitness enthusiasts, such as:

  • VO2 Max
  • Built-in Sports app
  • Live Tracking
  • Women Health Tracking
  • Performance Metrics
  • Advanced sleep monitoring
  • Safety Features
  • Garmin Pay Contactless Payment

Other Features

This fitness tracker may also monitor your sleeping patterns. With advanced sleep-tracking functions, it takes health monitoring to the next level.

The Gramin Forerunner 945 can last up to 10 hours in GPS and audio mode. As a result, in smartwatch mode, this fitness tracker has two-week battery life.

In a nutshell

The Garmin Forerunner 945 is a lightweight fitness tracker that also functions as a wristwatch. This watch will provide you with fantastic data as a rider, but users can also utilize it for a variety of other purposes.

Hence, because of its several advanced features, the Forerunner 945 is great for cycling. It is, in general, the best watch for triathletes.

  • Protective Gorilla glass
  • Accurate GPS
  • Excellent battery life
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • Durable construction
  • Pricey

Garmin Venu

The Garmin Venu is unquestionably one of the best cycling watches on the market. Aside from being reasonably priced, the Venu’s attractive AMOLED touch-screen display makes it a fantastic casual watch option. It’s also a super-competitive sport watch because of its Pulse Ox and cycling features.

Also, it is lightweight, scratch-resistant, and weather-resistant, making it a fantastic companion while cycling.

Other Features

It will track all of your other activities, such as the number of steps and floors climbed, even if you are not cycling. It indicates how many active minutes/hours you’ve had and how many calories you’ve burned.

The watch offers an all-day stress tracking feature that can help you keep track of your stress levels at all times of the day and night. It also monitors your body’s energy levels throughout the day, allowing you to choose the optimal times to exercise and rest.

It receives emails, texts, and alarms directly on your smartwatch when synced with a compatible device.

Unfortunately, the most significant drawback is its AMOLED display, which can be challenging to see in direct sunlight compared to other Garmin watches.

In a nutshell

The Garmin Venu fitness watch is ideal for cyclists and sports enthusiasts that want a simple fitness watch for personal usage. Without a doubt, the Garmin Venu is a budget-friendly option for those searching for a simple fitness tracker.

  • Vibrant AMOLED display
  • Touch screen
  • Comfortable
  • Offline music support
  • Budget-friendly
  • Design is too simple to wear
  • Low battery life

Best Cycling Apps For Garmin Watches

best garmin app

For real cyclists, it’s necessary to deeply track their activity, and it’s only possible if you sync your data with the third-party app. 

All the above mentioned Garmin watches are compatible with their parties cycling app. But here will mention the three best apps that make your cycling more effective. 

1. Strava

Strava is the most favorite app among athletes and best for runners and cyclists, here you can create your goals and challenge your friends to break your records. 

In this app, you will find a large community of athletes that posted their daily challenges and records. You can accept their challenge and break their records. It shows you deep insights into your daily, weekly, and monthly performance. 

2. Map My Ride

I strongly recommend this app to beginners. MapMyRide is easy to use. Here you can set goals, get training updates, and see insights daily, weekly, and monthly.

Just like Strava, MapMyRide offers a hugely active online community where you can post your goals and challenge other athletes. Here you can track your pace, distance, speed, calories burned, elevation, and more

3. Wahoo

Wahoo fitness app also offers a lot of other products. Here you can track over 30 kinds of fitness activities. But its way of tracking is very effective and profound, although it’s pretty difficult to understand for a beginner. Once you realize its features, you will enjoy it.

Final Words

The only thing that you should consider while buying a cycling watch is GPS accuracy, and all the above mentioned Garmin watches offer precise GPS. 

So you will quickly find out the best routes for your cycling even in a more challenging environment. Secondly, the watch should have a cycling mode that tracks all physical aspects during your activity. 

We have collected these watches after hours of research, and you can pick any Garmin watch without any doubt. We appreciate it if you choose any watch from our selection. Thanks:)

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