5 Best Fitness Trackers For Spinning (Updated List!!!)

Are you a fitness lover and want to burn calories and lower blood pressure or cholesterol? Well, indoor exercises like spinning can help you to achieve all your fitness goals.

But how can one track spinning to measure their goals? With the latest technologies and gadgets, it becomes super easy. Fitness trackers are your best companion to track spinning efficiently.

Without these trackers, you are unable to achieve your fitness goals or effectively perform your activities. That’s why we collect the five best fitness trackers for Spinning that helps you to prove your dreams.

Tip of the day: Try to buy a Fitness tracker that also offers GPS – It helps you track your speed and distance during your spinning.

Top Recommendations (Best Offers)

Best Fitness Tracker For Spinning

Based on our experience and research, we gather the top five fitness trackers. Each one has its features, pros/cons, and prices. You can pick one according to your budget and requirements.

  1. Fitbit Sense
  2. Fitbit Charge 4
  3. Galaxy Watch Active 2
  4. Amazfit GTS
  5. Fitbit Inpire 2

1- Fitbit Sense


OSFitbit OS
CompatibilityBoth iOS and Android
Display1.58 inches, AMOLED, touchscreen
Internal Storage4GB
IP Rating50m
Battery Life6days+

With premium quality and the latest features – Fitbit Sense is on the top of the list. As compared to its predecessor, it offers more in-depth fitness tracking, that’s why I love it.

The watch face is very bright and easy to read, there are dozens of watch faces to choose from. Due to its lightweight, it feels more premium and comfortable.

How is it best for real fitness lovers?

Because of its premium features and Spo2 sensors, it’s a precious device for spinning and as well for other outdoor activities.

The GPS enables you to track your spinning more effectively, and you can also track the speed and distance cover. During the activity, Fitbit Sense also measures the calories burned and heart rate conditions so you can never miss any single metrics. 

The premium EDA app detects electrodermal activity, which tracks your body’s response to stress. During your spinning activity, you can track your body temperature as well. 

Apart from this, Fitbit Sense offers various premium features, including; Alexa voice assistant, intelligent sleep tracking, a 24/7 heart rate, steps counter, stress management tools, and beyond.

watch for spinning
smartwatch for spinning

Why do we like Fitbit Sense?

We put this fitness tracker on our top list because of its smart functionality and accuracy. You will get a lot of exciting features that track your spinning and monitor your every single activity.

Secondly, this fitness tracker shows in-depth and visual insights into your workouts and exercises. Due to Spotify support, Fitbit Sense also enables you to listen to tracks during your spinning. 

Why don’t we like Fitbit Sense?

Sometimes you may face GPS issues, this is the main downside. Secondly, this fitness tracker is pretty expensive. You should only buy it if you have a solid budget.

  • Premium health tracking features
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Has Alexa voice assistant
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Expensive
  • GPS connectivity issues

2- Fitbit Charge 4

best fitness tracker for spinning


OSFitbit OS
CompatibilityBoth iOS and Android
Display1.57 inches, Monochrome OLED, Touchscreen
Internal StorageN/A
IP Rating50m
Battery Life7days+

If you guys wants to buy an affordable fitness tracker then Fitbit Charge 4 is the best option. It is packed with some cool feature like Spotify, NFC payments, heart rate and GPS tracking. Plus, charge 4 is a pretty cool looking watch that offers a high comfort experience.

When it comes to design, Fitbit Charge 4 is much identical to its previous Charge 3. There are no physical buttons just like Fitbit Sense. Overall it has minimal and unisex design, and you can also interchange the bands, which I love.

New Feature

I know you guys are curious to know about new features are in Charge 4.

Firstly, it comes with built-in GPS system and you don’t need to use your phone’s GPS. Watch itself track everything using the onboard GPS. And this is the feature I know a lot of people love. 

Like in Fitbit Sense, you can track the speed and distance during your spinning and other outdoor activities.

Active Zone Minutes is also a very new addition, and it tracks your active heart rate during workouts. During spinning when your heart rate is at a fat-burning state for longer than a minute, you get the point. 

Besides this, Fitbit Charge 4 has a 24/7 heart rate, calories counter, sleep tracking, steps counter and different sports modes.

What we like about Fitbit Charge 4

best fitness tracker for indoor cycling

The Charge 4 offers all the essential feature that a fitness lover needs. You can play music on your watch during your workouts and exercises.

This time you will get the “Don’t disturb” feature that can block notifications, and you will not disturb during your exercises. There are a lot of custom watch faces available as well for every lifestyle.

Lastly, Charge 4 offers a long-lasting battery. It can last for 7+ days which is pretty cool.

What we don’t like in Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4 comes with a monochromatic display, so it’s only black and white. And the Display is only 1″ in size, which I think it small. We expected an AMOLED display in charge 4 but unfortunately, it offers black and white display.

  • Intensity map
  • Active zone minutes
  • 50 meter water resistance
  • NFC payments
  • Light weight
  • 7 Days battery life
  • Lack of color display
  • Basic display

3- Galaxy Watch Active 2


CompatibilityBoth iOS and Android
Display1.4 inches, 360x360px
Internal Storage4GB
IP Rating50m
Battery Life2days+

After Fitbit Sense, Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the most premium smartwatch that offers every fitness feature. Samsung adds a couple of pretty useful features in Active 2 that lacks in its previous model.

First of all, you will have a 1.2″ display in the 42mm model and a 1.3″ display in 46mm. But both the variants have high resolution 360 x 360 Super AMOLED, which shows an actual tune of colors.

There is a wide variety of customizable watch faces available. You can select the best dial face that matches your outfit and lifestyle. 

The new stainless steel bezel allows you to access other apps and change your music volume quickly. Active 2 is a durable smartwatch that passed military-grade test and offers 5ATM + IP68 / MIL-STD-810G.

Best For Spinning

Because of advanced sensors, the Watch Active 2 automatically starts tracking your Spinning. And then, you will get real-time advice with the Running Coach feature on your every fitness goal.

Similarly, you can track over 40 workouts and see the deep insights in the Samsung Health app or the watch itself. 

You can set different goals, like how many calories you have to burn during your whole day. In this way, the built-in coach guides you on achieving your goals by offering different physical activities.

It promotes notification when you are feeling stressed and offers mindfulness exercises to reduce it. Besides this, you will get a fantastic sleep tracker that monitors your different sleep patterns.

fitness tracker for spinning-min

What do we like about Galaxy Watch Active 2?

The efficiency and accuracy are awe-inspiring in this watch. And you can see the in-depth insights on Samsung Health App just like Fitbit Sense.

The dial looks sleek and has an ultra-high-quality resolution that everyone loves. The most exciting thing is a built-in coach that is your best fitness companion and never lets you down. 

What we don’t like in Galaxy Watch Active 2?

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a big deal, so it’s not a perfect option for thin wrists. It’s LTE variant is expensive. You need to pay extra 25 bucks for it. The Bixby voice assistant doesn’t make a difference, and it should be improved.

  • Very comfortable
  • Elegant design
  • Has LTE variant
  • Virtual rotating bezel
  • Smart sleep tracking
  • App support still lacking
  • Bixby doesn’t really make a difference


4- Amazfit GTS


OSProprietary OS
CompatibilityBoth iOS and Android
Display1.65 inch, AMOLED, Touchscreen
Internal Storage3GB
IP Rating50m
Battery Life14 days

GTS is an affordable fitness tracker with plenty of intelligent features. It has a built-in GPS, 5 ATM water resistance, premium health tracking capabilities, and an impressive battery.

The GTS design is very sleek, and premium  just similar to Apple watch. Like Apple Watch, it has a small crown on the side that handles most functionality. The Watch is light, slim, and highly comfortable to wear. The silicone straps are pretty soft and flexible and feel more comfortable. 

The screen is quite lovely, and you get an AMOLED display with an Always option. The auto-brightness feature is pretty good. Viewing it under direct sunlight is cool. The text is sharp and clear and colors too.

An Excellent Fitness Tracker For Spinning

Amazing GTS comes with 12 different exercise modes. These sports modes include running, spinning, outdoor cycling, treadmill, climb, trail run, pool, swimming, and more.

During spinning, you can track your real-time pace, heart rate, calories burned and speed, etc., which is pretty useful.

However, we found the accuracy a little questionable. The GTS is more suited for casual insights rather than severe training and health tracking.

Having built-in GPS is at this price point is a big plus. You can track your spinning, walk, running and see all metrics on the Amzfit app. The accuracy of GPS is not bad. It shows precise distance covered and speed.

amazfit gts

What do we like in Amazfit GTS?

Overall, GTS is a pretty good watch, especially for those who have a tight budget. It comes with 14 days of long-lasting battery, which is superb. The Always on 1.65″ display has a brighter and true color tune. You will get 100+ beautiful dial faces. Few are customizable. 

What don’t we like in Amazfit GTS?

Receiving phones call on the Watch doesn’t work. Similarly, Heart rate sensors sometimes give inaccurate results, which is disappointing. 

Secondly, the Amazfit app is not as polished as the Fitbit or Samsung app. You will not get deep insights. If you are looking for in-depth insights, you will be a little disappointed.

  • Large and sharp display
  • Premium build quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Battery life is amazing
  • The screen is hard to see under direct sunlight
  • Apps are limited

5- Fitbit Inspire 2


OSFitbit OS
CompatibilityBoth iOS and Android
Display1.4 inches, OLED, Touchscreen
Internal StorageN/A
IP Rating50m
Battery Life10 days+

Here we have a Fitbit Inspire 2, which offers 20 different workouts, heart rate tracking, calories counter, steps tracking, and notifications from your phone. If you love to wear bands, then a Fitbit Inspire 2 is the best option for you.

It’s pretty similar to its previous version but Inspire 2 is more stylish and slim. It comes with a brighter display which is excellent. The band is available in different colors, and you can easily interchange the straps.

Due to its small and sleek design, I strongly recommend it to people with thin wrists and especially women. The display is monochromatic and offers a variety of watch faces.

Advance Features

As compared to the predecessor, you will see a variety of advanced features. Inspire 2 comes with 20 different workouts which cover popular activities, including spinning as well. But it’s not as many as some of the most expensive trackers.

The one thing that I like in this tracker is animated workouts that’s look cool. You will get basic details on steps taken, heart rate, calories burned, active minutes, and your sleep data.

The built-in app is quite detailed and easy to navigate, plus you get a few more settings to option for your watch.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Unlocks a full year of Fitbit Premium for new Premium users. Get access to all premium workouts and step-by-step programs to improve your nutrition, sleep, and more.

fitbit inspire 2 is best for spinning

What do we like about Fitbit Inspire 2?

The battery is very impressive and lasts for 10 days. No other Fitbit smartwatch offers such long battery life. Due to 0.175 lbs of weight Inspire 2 is much more comfortable and never lets you feel discomfort on your wrist.

Luckily you will see the Active Zone Minutes present in most of the High-end Fitbit smartwatches.

What we don’t like in Fitbit Inspire 2?

Unluckily, you will not see GPS, and we can’t expect such features in a meager price tag. Just like charge 4, Inspire 2 offers a monochromatic display (Black and white). The screen size is pretty small; although it looks attractive, sometimes it becomes hard to read the dial.

  • Very lightweight
  • HR seems accurate
  • Overall all features are accurate
  • Nice look
  • Affordable
  • Monochromatic display
  • Sleep tracking could be improve

How to Buy a Best Fitness Tracker For Spinning

Before picking a fitness tracker for spinning, you should consider few factors. As it’s pretty hard to choose the best fitness wearable from the market, we collect few essential aspects so that you can choose the best one.


As I already mention, GPS is crucial for spinning activity. 

With a GPS Fitness tracker, you can also track the speed and distance during your spinning. This gives you some idea, how much distance you cover during your activity. And motivates you to take your Spinning to the next level.


The second important thing is how accurate your fitness tracker is? A fitness tracker without accuracy is useless. Fitbit Sense and Galaxy watch active 2 are the most accurate and fitness trackers that never disappoint you from the above list.

Accurate fitness trackers enable you to see the in-depth insights of your activities that motivate you and gives you the courage to achieve your fitness goals.

Design & Display

If you like beauty and design, then this point is especially for you. A sexy watch attracts every eye and also gives you a premium feel. Make sure your watch is sleek and lightweight, so never feel bulky experience on your wrist.

When it comes to displaying, make sure that your fitness tracker has a bright and AMOLED display. You can easily read the AMOLED display under direct sunlight, and it looks so beautiful compared to the monochromatic display.

Final words

After going through the above articles, I hope you guys can pick the best fitness tracker for spinning. And please consider the above factors before choosing a tracker for your wrist; in this way, you will get a perfect piece.

All trackers mention above are the best, but a few like Fitbit Sense, Galaxy Watch Active 2, and Fitbit Charge 4 are impressive choices for fitness lovers. Anyways you can choose the best one according to your budget and needs.

We appreciate it if you pick any fitness tracker from our list. These also help us to make some affiliate commissions.

If you have any queries, free to ask in the comment box, we feel proud to reply to our reader. Thanks:)

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