Apple Watch 7 VS Fitbit Sense: Main Difference?

Apple Watch 7 is famous in the smartwatch industry because of its advanced fitness tracking capabilities. Although the Apple Watch 7 is a famous fitness watch, a few competitors, like the Fitbit Sense, which rivals the Apple watch 7.

The big plus of Fitbit Sense is that it works across all the platforms like Android and iOS. At the same time, the Apple watch is restricted to native platforms.

There are a lot of big and minor differences between the Apple Watch and Fitbit Sense that we will cover in today’s guide.

So, if you’re confused between these two fitness trackers, keep reading articles to make a better decision.

FeaturesApple Watch 7Fitbit Sense
Display1.8 inches Retina LTPO OLED1.58 inches color AMOLED 
Water ResistanceIP68 50m50m
Storage32 GB4 GB
Mobile paymentsApple PayFitbit Pay

Apple Watch 7 VS Fitbit Sense: Design

apple watch 7 vs fitbit sense

The look of Apple items hardly changed over the years. Watch 7 follows the design of its previous models, and there is a digital crown on the side that handles different functionality.

Fitbit Sense also kept its formal design, but you will get an aluminum case this time, which is a big plus. Because of its sleek and slim design, I’m a big fan. The Fitbit Sense is the most Comfortable watch because of its 45g of weight.

On the side of Sense, there is a button that helps you navigate and turn on activity modes.

Following the tradition, Apple Watch 7 comes in 44mm and 40mm variants. Whereas Fitbit Sense only comes with a 40.5mm size.

Both watches offer 5ATM water-resistant means you can wear them while swimming. 

The plus point in apple watch’s design is its premium quality material that looks elegant and durable. You will get an interchangeable strap to change the watch design according to your outfit. 

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Apple Watch 7 VS Fitbit Sense: Display

Apple Watch 7 offers a high-end display, and I think no one can compete with this display. It provides a 1.8″ Retina LTPO OLED display with 1000 nits (Peak), and a 1000 nits display is also present in iPhone 13 pro max.

With its 448 x 368 pixels resolution, you will get accurate and more vibrant colors that make the watch more worthy. 

On the other hand, the Fitbit Sense comes with a 1.58″ OLED display that is also vibrant but can’t beat the Watch 7 display. It has 336 x 336 resolution but 1000 nits that look more bright even under direct sunlight.

The touchscreen is pretty good in both watches, and the refresh rate of Watch 7 is a little high compared to the Fitbit Sense. But overall, in the display department, both models are offering valuable results.

Apple Watch 7 VS Fitbit Sense: Battery Life

fitbit sense vs apple watch 7

Because of high nits and vibrant displays, no one smartwatch can offer a long-lasting battery life. Similarly, battery life also depends on other factors, including; GPS, fitness tracking features, and different sensors. 

Fitbit Sense has somehow superior battery life to Apple Watch 7, and it lasts up to 5-6 days. On the other hand, Apple Watch 7 offers all-day battery life that lasts 18-20 hours, so you have to charge the watch at night. 

Fitbit Sense VS Apple Watch 7: Price

fitbit vs apple

Apple watches are pretty expensive than competitors’ brands, and this is because of their high performance and efficiency. The price of the Apple Watch 7 starts from $399 and ends at $529 for its 45mm cellular variant.

On the other hand, Fitbit’s latest smartwatch costs $299, which I think is reasonable if you compare it with its premium features. 

Apple Watch 7 & Fitbit Sense: Health & Fitness Tracking Features

watch 7 vs fitbit sense

Apple Watch 7 and Fitbit Sense offer premium health-tracking features that help you achieve your daily fitness goals. So have a look at both!

Apple Watch 7

This time, Apple included many extra health-tracking features that come with an advanced electrical heart sensor and ECG app. The SpO2 sensor also performs more efficiently even though it can track your blood oxygen level underwater. 

You have access to tons of workouts, Mindfulness exercises, Yoga trainers, and more. Further, you will get advanced sleep-tracking tools, respiration tracking, Pilates workouts, sports modes, 24/7 heart rate tracking, and more. 

The big plus point here is efficiency and accuracy, and no other smartwatch can beat Apple Watch 7 inaccuracy.

Fitbit Sense:

Fitbit Sense is also an ornament for athletes and fitness lovers, and it can help you deeply analyze your activities and track your goals. 

Fitbit Sense comes with an ECG app to track your heart health. The watch also follows the intake of oxygen in your blood, Sleep, heart rate, calories, and more. 

The most exciting thing you will get in this smartwatch is the “Active Zone Minutes” features. With this feature, you can track your time spent in any heart-pumping activity. Greater the Active Zone Minutes more will be your performance.

Similarly, Fitbit Sense offers 20 different sports modes that help you track your outdoor and indoor sports and exercises effectively. You can see the in-depth data of your daily fitness activities on the Fitbit App. 

Apple Watch 7 VS Fitbit Sense: Other Features

fitbit sense and apple watch 7

Apart from health and fitness tracking features, there are many things to explore in both smartwatches. 

Both smartwatches offer storage for music, and you can install Spotify to make your playlist. Watch 7 offers 32 GB of storage, which is enough to store apps, songs, and other stuff. On the other hand, you can store up to 300 songs on Fitbit Sense. 

With a built-in speaker and microphone, you can answer calls from both devices. But the Apple Watch 7 doesn’t need any phone connectivity. At the same time, Fitbit Sense demands Bluetooth connectivity to receive calls. 

Further, you will get notifications on both watches, and you can set alarms, stopwatches, see calendars, customize watch faces, and more. Apple Watch 7 offers more custom watch faces than Fitbit Sense. 

Both devices offer built-in GPS systems, so you don’t need to bring your smartphone with you while running or cycling to track distance or speed. 

Final Decision:

Regarding Apple Watch 7 vs. Fitbit Sense, it’s difficult to pick the one from a table. Both smartwatches have similar fitness and health features. But for me, Fitbit Sense is a suitable option as it has universal compatibility; secondly, it gives longer battery life than Apple Watch 7. And if you’re on a budget, then Fitbit Sense should be your priority.

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  1. The biggest downside to the Fitbit Sense is it’s lack of indication when it’s on the charger. Too many times picking it up after 2 hours on the charger to find it hasn’t charged at all. That issue alone is enough to make me dump the Fitbit.

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